Oracle Tutorial | Advanced Oracle Database Tutorials for Senior Oracle DBA


I will share with you Step by Step Oracle Database Tutorials for Senior Oracle DBA.


Oracle Tutorial

If you don’t know Oracle database and want to learn, you are at the right adress.

You can learn Oracle database step by step with following steps. I have started  Oracle database Tutorials from Middle Level, so read each article in order.





If you want to read Oracle database Tutorials for Beginners, Read following article.

Oracle Tutorial | Oracle Database Tutorials for Beginners ( Junior Oracle DBA )



Advanced Oracle Database Tutorials


Lesson 13– Oracle Database Monitoring Scripts

Monitor Oracle database and what is going on database ( Dataguard Monitoring , Backup Monitoring etc )

Oracle Dataguard Monitoring Scripts -4

How to Monitor RMAN Backup and Long Operations in Oracle

Oracle 12c List Components Installed


How to find Character set of the Oracle Database



Lesson 14– Oracle Database Performance Monitor and Troubleshooting

Monitor Oracle database against Performance problem and slowness.


Oracle Wait Events and Their Solutions in Oracle Database


Cursor: Pin S Wait On X and library cache lock Wait Event Solution | Oracle Concurrency

Oracle Kill Session Scripts -4 and gv$lock view




Oracle Historical SQL Search


Oracle Find queries not using bind variables


Oracle Average Active Session Load

Oracle Database Wait Event Scripts -2


Oracle Blocking Sessions and Lock Scripts -2






Lesson 15– Oracle DBA Scripts All in One


Oracle Database Tutorial, Oracle DBA ( Database Administrator ) needs useful scripts to monitor, analyze and check Oracle database for routine database operations and monitoring, If you don’t have Oracle DBA Scripts, you can read following Article.


Useful Oracle RAC (Cluster Command) Scripts | Oracle DBA Scripts All in One -1


Dataguard ( Standby ) Monitoring Lag Command and Scripts | Oracle DBA Scripts All in One -2






Senior Oracle DBA Tutorials


Lesson 16– Oracle RAC Architecture and Installation

What is the Oracle RAC ( Real Application Cluster )  and How to install Oracle RAC on Linux and Unix ?


What is the Oracle RAC and Architecture of Real Application Cluster



Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) Database 18c Step by Step Installation on Full Rack Exadata X7


Oracle RAC Step by Step Installation on Linux -1


Oracle RAC Step by Step Installation on Unix -2



Oracle RAC Step by Step Installation on Linux -5




Lesson 17– Oracle Database Performance Tuning & SQL Tuning

Learn how to perform Performance tuning and SQL Tuning with following links.


What is the Oracle AWR ( Automatic Workload Repository ) Report


How to Generate AWR ( Automatic Workload Repository ) Report via SQL*Plus, Enterprise Manager and Toad in Oracle


How to Read or Analyze an AWR ( Automatic Workload Repository ) Report in Oracle -3


How to Read or Analyze an AWR Report in Oracle -4 | TOP SQL




Index Maintenance and Index Operations in Oracle Database


Real Life Index Usage and Index Performance Test in Oracle Database

Gather Database Stats , Schema Stats & Dictionary and Fixed Object Statistics via DBMS_STATS in Oracle Database

How to Use Oracle AWR in Standard Edition Using Statspack




Lesson 18– Upgrade Oracle Database

Learn what is the Upgrade methods and how to upgrade Oracle database with following links.


Oracle Database Upgrade Guide and How to Upgrade Oracle Database

Oracle 18c RAC Database Upgrade From 12c ( to 18c ( on Full Rack Exadata -2 Manual 18c Database Upgrade

Oracle Grid Infrastructure & RAC Upgrade from Oracle 12c to Oracle 18c in Full Rack Exadata X7 Step by Step -2 Oracle 18c Upgrade Steps


How to Upgrade Oracle Database 11g to Oracle 12c using DBUA





Lesson 19– Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Learn what is the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and how to install Enterprise Manager Cloud Control with following links.


Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Architecture and Step by Step Installation Oracle Enterprise Manager ( OEM )


How to Find OMS Home and Start and Stop Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c



How to Install Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c ( EM 13c ) Agents on Microsoft Windows Target Hosts






Lesson 20– Oracle Security & Audit

Data Redaction ( dbms_redact ) in Oracle Database -2



Transparent Data Encryption ( TDE ) in Oracle


What is the Database Auditing in Oracle



Lesson 21– Oracle Partitioning


Partitioning Types ( Range , List, Hash, Interval .. ) in Oracle Database

Online Table Redefinition and Partitioning using DBMS_REDEFINITION in Oracle


Lesson 22– Oracle Health Check Reports

Oracle ORAchk | Database Health Check with Orachk



Oracle OSWatcher Usage and OSWatcher Performance Reports ( OSWatcher logs for particular time )






Lesson 23– Oracle Cloud


Introduction Oracle Machine Learning

Oracle Cloud Add Disk To Virtual Machine




Do you want to learn Oracle Database Performance Tuning detailed, then read the following articles.

Performance Tuning and SQL Tuning Tutorial in the Oracle Database


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