Introduction Oracle Machine Learning

1.. Login to Oracle Machine Learning


The Oracle Machine Learning home page is the default landing page when you log into Oracle Machine Learning. The home page provides you quick links to important interfaces, and the log of your high-level recent activities.


Running SQL Statements: – SQL or Structured Query Languages for RDBMS. SQL statements to perform tasks such as retrieving data from a database, updating data on a database, and so on. for e.g. SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE and DROP

Run SQL Scripts: – A SQL scripts is a set of SQL statements. You can create SQL scripts in OML and then save it as .json file in your system and share the SQL scripts with other user.

Notebooks: – A notebook is a web-based interface for data analysis, data discovery, data visualization and collaboration. The Notebooks page lists all the notebooks associated with the selected project.

Jobs: – Jobs allow you to create schedules to run notebooks. In the Jobs page can create and schedule jobs, monitor job status, and view jobs logs as read-only notebooks.

Example Templates: – The Example Templates page lists pre-populated OML templates which you can view like and use it to create new templates:

2.. To Create a new project in Oracle Machine Learning,  navigate to the right top corner .

Give name and comments for Project. A project can be assigned to previously created workspace or you can create a new workspace .


Give name and comments for workspace if you are creating new workspace.


A project is a container for your notebooks, and a workspace is a container for your projects. You can own multiples projects in a workspace.

The initial workspace and the default project is created by the OML automatically when you log in to OML for the first time.

Happy Learning !!!!




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