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October, 2020

  • 26 October

    LMHB terminating the instance due to ORA error 29770 on Exadata

    Hi, Sometimes You can get ” LMHB terminating the instance due to ORA error 29770 ” error on Exadata  2 views last month,  2 views today

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  • 25 October

    JSON in SQL Server

    JSON in SQL Server

    JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is very popular standard for exchanging data specially in REST API. Almost all modern websites, android or iOS app use this for exchanging data with server. …

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  • 23 October

    SQL CASE Statement

    SQL CASE statement is very powerful and versatile. It can be used in SELECT, UPDATE and INSERT statement. Even it can be used in ORDER BY and GROUP BY clause. …

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  • 21 October


    What is the ETL / ELT? ETL or ELT is not a software abbreviation. It is the most important and complex stage of the data warehouse. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) …

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  • 20 October

    Advanced RDD Actions

    Advanced RDD Actions   reduce() action reduce(func) action is used for aggregating the elements of a regular RDD. The fucntion should be commutative (changing the order of the operands does …

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