Oracle Database 12c Step by Step Installation On Linux -3


I will continue to explain how to install Oracle Database 12c step by step in this post.

Oracle 12c Kurulum 15



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Step 21: Once Listener is set up, we can now create the database. In order to create our database, run the DBCA tool (Database Configuration Assistant) command that comes with the software installation as follows.


[oracle@MehmetSalih ~]# dbca

Oracle 12c Kurulum 15


Step 22: In this step,  choose the Create Database tab and continue.


Oracle 12c Kurulum 16



Step 23: In this step, choose the Advanced Mode tab to create the database with our own configuration and not with the default configuration.

Oracle 12c Kurulum 17



Step 24: In this step, choose the Custom database tab and create database as to our settings.

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Step 25: In this step, type the name of our database as follows and continue.



Oracle 12c Kurulum 19


Step 25: Skip Enterprise manager and Cloud control, if you want, you can choose them also.

Oracle 12c Kurulum 20



Step 27: In the following step, the passwords of the most authorized users are determined. To use the same passwords within the two users, choose the following tab and enter the password.

Oracle 12c Kurulum 21




Step 28: Choose the listener that we created in the previous article.
Oracle 12c Kurulum 29


Step 29: In this step, Specify  type of storage where the database’s Datafiles will be located. Select the Storage type as File System and select the same directory for all datafiles. In the meantime, because I did not select the Fast Recovery Area in the initial setup, I am going to uncheck the checkbox.


Oracle 12c Kurulum 30

Step 30: In this step, choose the required components for the database and select the components that we need

Oracle 12c Kurulum 31


Step 31: In this step, Oracle asks us to create sample schemas, and I have chosen the Sample Schemas tab.

Oracle 12c Kurulum 32


Step 32: In this step, specify the total memory size for Oracle database . the optimal value is 40% of the server memory, but you can increase this value according to your needs.

You can choose the checkbox that specifies the Use Automatic Memory Management option for Oracle to use Automatic Memory management. Oracle will automatically manage the SGA and PGA memory areas if you choose this.

Oracle 12c Kurulum 33


Step 33: In this step, set the Block Size value for Database. In general, this value is selected as 8192 Bytes or 8K. The number of processes to allocate on the server for the database can also be determined in this step.


Oracle 12c Kurulum 34


Step 34: In this step, the character set to use the database is chosen like following.

Oracle 12c Kurulum 35


Step 35: In this step, select the mode of the session that will be connected to the database as Dedicated.



Oracle 12c Kurulum 36



Step 36: In this step, if you want to change the Storage, you can click the Customize Storage Locations button.

Oracle 12c Kurulum 37


37.Step: In this step, database’s configurations are summarized, click Finish button to complete the database creation.

Oracle 12c Kurulum 38


Step 38: The database is creating as follows.
Oracle 12c Kurulum 39


Step 39: Database creation  was completed as follows.

Oracle 12c Kurulum 40



After the database is created, we are connecting to the database as follows and query the version.


[oracle@MehmetSalih ~]# sqlplus / as sysdba

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Sat Oct 5 13:40:49 2013

Copyright (c) 1982, 2013, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Connected to:
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Advanced Analytics and Real Application Testing options

SQL> select version from v$instance;





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