Ways to Know How to Deal with Database Corruption in SQL Server

Summary: SQL Database Corruption is a common problem faced by the database administrators, So in this article, we are going to talk about corruption causes in SQL Server and the best possible ways to know how to deal with database corruption in SQL Server. To resolve major SQL database corruption issues the user can take the help of SQL Recovery Software.

Fixing corrupted SQL Server Database can be a repetitive assignment on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the correct strategy. There is manual strategy accessible to fix corrupted SQL database however an expert and bona fide outsider tool is consistently the best way to deal with do it. There are lots of tools available online for the reason yet finding the best one is again a major assignment. Before thinking about the SQL recovery arrangements and how to deal with database corruption in SQL Server you should think about causes of SQL database corruption.

Important Note: To  deal with high level corruption issue and to recover database objects of SQL Server 2019 and below version the user can take the help of SQL Server Database Recovery Software. The user can download the trail version of software from here.

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Reasons Behind SQL Server Database Corruption Issue 

SQL Server database can be tainted because of different reasons. MDF files are the essential database files holding the client data and its corruption can corrupted the whole database. There are different reasons that can cause MDF corruption, for example,

  • Storage media corruption where MDF files are put away
  • Putting away SQL database in compacted folders
  • Changes in SQL Server account
  • Coincidental data cancellation
  • File header corruption
  • Bugs in Hard drivers
  • System failure when database is in working condition

Hard disk failure, abrupt force failure, sudden framework shutdown, virus assaults are a portion of the reasons that can cause MDF corruption.

How to Identify Corruption in SQL Server Database?

The primary employment of the Database Administrator is to keep the database profoundly secure and accessible. When there is corruption in database files, at that point here and there it may not show any side effects of error yet the data stays inaccessible. That is the reason the head should utilize a few techniques that check the wellbeing of the database to discover any errors or corruption.

Run the database backup alongside CHECKSUM

At the point when the Administrator is running the database backup process, at that point the CHECKSUM command ought to likewise be incorporated with the backup command. The CHECKSUM command will check the database for any corruption and stop the backup procedure on the off chance that it finds any.


TO DISK = ‘E:\Database Backup\XYZ.bak’


Run the command and see the outcomes.

Run the DBDC CHECKDB command

DBDC is the command to run the normal test of the database and it identifies a few issues influencing the database.


The command will check the physical and sensible trustworthiness of all the database objects like tables, triggers, connections, conditions, and in the event that it finds any issue, at that point it will be appeared in the outcome with the error message. The error message will unmistakably show the subtleties like why it indicated the error and prevented the procedure from wrapping up.

Manual Ways to Know ­­How to Deal with Database Corruption in SQL Server

There are not many manual answers for fix corrupted SQL database yet they don’t ensure the database recovery.

You can utilize the log files (LDF) of SQL Server to restore the database. Be that as it may, log files are not adequate enough to recover the database in numerous corruption cases. Here and there, backup files additionally get defiled if the corruption is serious.

Another approach to fix the corrupted SQL database is utilizing the database support commands for example DBCC CHECKDB and DBCC DEBREPAIR. They can be valuable to fix minor SQL database corruption issues however they aren’t a lot of productive however for all corruption cases. Furthermore, performing database reassure commands require certain specialized data which may be mistaking for non-specialized clients.

Therefore, utilizing a real outsider tool is the most ideal approach to fix and recover corrupted or harmed SQL Database. Bit for SQL Database Recovery is the best tool accessible to fix database corruption errors.

­­Know How to Deal with Database Corruption in SQL Server by Using Expert Solution

SysTools SQL File Repair Tool is presumably the best tool to manage a wide range of SQL database corruption issues successfully. The product is remarkably customized to fix all minor and major MDF (essential database files of SQL Server) file corruption issues with precision. Guaranteeing easy database recovery in the blink of an eye without making any data misfortune, the product offers some truly elevated end highlights. Truth be told, the acceptable and most surprising angle about the tool is its capacity to restore all SQL database objects including Tables, Columns, Indexes, Functions, Values, Keys, Views, Rules, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Checks, Default Values, User data types and so on. Adding to that, it even offers total help to restore numerous MDF files simultaneously. Regardless of whether the size of database is huge or too large, the tool effectively fix MDF file of any size. This application is compatible with SQL Server Version 2019 and below version.




In this blog, we ­­How to Deal with Database Corruption in SQL Server. In the initial segment we talked about what SQL server is, and how a SQL database may get corrupted. We likewise attempted to make reference to all the error warnings that a client may confront while confronting the corruption. This may assist the client with identifying corruption from whenever. We have additionally referenced the ways with which you can without much of a stretch recognize the database corruption. Ultimately, we examined the methods with which you can fix the SQL database corruption. We referenced the best, the speediest and the most secure approach to manage SQL database corruption – SysTools SQL Recovery Tool. The tool has an easy to understand interface and accompanies a preliminary form. Expectation this blog was

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