Explore The SQL Server Database Corruption Causes, & Solutions

In this blog, we are going to discuss SQL Server database corruption causes and technical solution to fix corrupt SQL Server Database.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the globally used database management tools used to manage a large number of databases. Structured Query Language is mainly used by professionals, organizations, students, and institutions to manage and store data. This management tool has a stand-alone utility with having advanced features and an improved interface.

Mainly three types of files are there in the SQL database: MDF file is the primary database file that contains schema and data, and NDF is the secondary database file, and LDF is the log file contains the logging information of all the transactions.

MDF file system is the primary that stores complete data and one of the important files in SQL Database if anyhow it corrupted then it leads inaccessibility to data and causes database corruption. In the next section, we discuss the reasons for SQL Database corruption.

Know The SQL Server Database Corruption Causes


  1. Operation failures like disk failure one of the reasons for database corruption.
  2. Power interruption during execution may lead to lost data.
  3. Abrupt system shutdown automatically can be the reason for suffering.
  4. Bugged disk driver, etc.


  1. Defective SQL Server itself creates a hassle.
  2. Data can be lost sometimes while modification in SQL Server Account.
  3. Corrupted file header may be the reason.
  4. Malware & Virus attacks can corrupt the database.


  1. Database corruption can happen while updating software.
  2. Data may be deleted accidentally, due to various other reasons.
  3. If the SQL database is stored in a compressed folder, it may lead to damages.

Multiple Types of Errors

SQL Server stores its physical data in .mdf files. MDF (Master Database Files) is one of the most important files in SQL Database which stores data primarily. Therefore if anyhow it gets corrupted, then the user unable to access the SQL Server Database because of corruption. Some of the error messages which usually show are as follows: Microsoft SQL Server header error 5172, SQL Server Error 2, SQL Server 5171, etc.

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Tips to Prevent Database Corruption

  • Ignore unnecessary functionalities in order to prevent the database.
  • Change your application password on a daily basis to prevent corruption from a virus attack.
    Enter validation data.
  • Use an appropriate web application firewalls while dealing with the SQL database to fix.
  • Prevent SQL Database corruption from malicious attacks by using antivirus in your system.

Ways to Fix SQL Database Corruption Manually

From the above write up we have discussed SQL server database corruption causes. Methods to fix corruption depend on the level of corruptions. Manual methods are basically used to prevent minor-level corruptions. Don’t expect immediate results by using these ways, in that case, you have to use alternative solutions to again access your database. These are some manual methods to fix SQL Database corruptions, are as follows:

Logfile or the backup file can be used to repair SQL Database. But sometimes, it may not work due to the severity of corruption. Database console commands DBCC DEBREPAIR and CHECKDB can be used to fix the corrupt SQL Database. But it requires technical experts and grip on command to follow this method. This is only for minor level corruption.

Fix SQL Server Database Corruption Using Automated Tool

When users came across SQL Database Corruption in a more severe way. Then in such cases, you can resolve your database corruption issue with the help of SysTools SQL Recovery Software to Recover SQL Database easily. The software helps to repair corrupt database MDF & NDF files. It helps to scan and recover Triggers, Rules, Functions, Tables, Stored procedures, etc and also have the ability to recover files from Wallet Ransomware affected .mdf files. This program has the potential to recover deleted records from a database table without any data loss.


Follow Steps to Recover Corrupted MDF Files by using SysTools SQL Recovery Software:

Step1: Launch and install the tool in your system.
Step2: In Menu, click on the option “Open” to browse the desired MDF file.
Step3: Select the option “Quick Scan” to scan MDF files faster. Then, check the option “Auto Detect” to automatically detect the SQL Server version. Also, mark the checkbox “Preview Deleted Records”.
Step4: After performing the Quick Scanning operation, the screen will display the Scanning Report.
Step5: Then, the software will recommend using “Advance Scan”, if expected results not found by a quick scan. Now, click “OK” to preview SQL database items.
Step6: Software will show deleted database records in red color.
Step7: Now Click on Export Button to Export the SQL Server database.


In this write-up, we discussed SQL Server Database Corruption Causes. Sometimes, it may have more severe errors and it becomes hard to overcome with situations. In such cases, we recommend to use SysTools SQL Recovery Software which has the ability to recover corrupted MDF & NDF database files without losing a single bit of data. Use this SQL Server Data corruption preventive software to recover your vital files.



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