Resolve SQL Server Database Stuck in Suspect Mode Issue Effeciently

Summary: In this problem tackling blog we are going to resolve SQL Server Database Stuck in Suspect mode issue. We will discuss the reason and the best possible solution to resolve this issue. In the case of Severe database corruption taking the help of advanced solutions, SQL Recovery is the best way to fix this problem. 

Ordinarily while using MS SQL SERVER we got stuck in a basic circumstance when the database goes into the Suspect Mode. This may occur because of a few reasons like absent or corrupt transactional log files of the database, defective hardware, virus interruption, unexpected shutdown of SQL Server, and so forth. View the SQL Server error log to know the particular reason behind SQL Server database suspect mode. When SQL Database goes in suspect mode, you can’t get to the DB and can’t play out any transactions until it is back to the online.

Instant Solution: To fix SQL database suspect mode issue and to access the corrupted SQL database the user can take the help of SysTools SQL MDF Recovery Software. This advanced application allows the user to export the inaccessible SQL database objects such as Table, Stored Procedure, Functions, Views, Triggers. The user can download the trial version of the software from here. 

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Reasons for SQL Server Database Stuck in Suspect Mode Issue

Here are the reasons due to which the SQL database marked as suspect.

  • Virus interruption in a SQL Server framework
  • SQL can’t finish a rollback or move forward activity.
  • Inaccessibility or smashing of database files
  • Framework failure in which SQL Server is installed
  • A device having the SQL Server is going disconnected
  • At the point when your MSDB data file or MSDB log file got damaged or corrupt.
  • Because of surprising force shut-down, hardware failure, or a SQL Server Shutdown.
  • The circumstance additionally emerges when you need more space accessible for the SQL Server to recover the database during start-up.

Manual Ways to SQL Server Database Stuck in Suspect Mode Issue

SQL Suspect Mode is a typical issue experienced by many administrators. In light of understanding and practice, there is a demonstrated method to recover MS SQL from Suspect Mode:

Step 1: Change the database into the Emergency Mode.

  • Start the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect your database
  • Select “New Query
  • Turn off the suspect flag on the database and change it to EMERGENCY

Executive sp_resetstatus ‘db_name’;


Step 2: Perform the Function Consistency Check on the Master Database.

DBCC CHECKDB (‘database_name’)

Step 3: Bring the database into Single User Mode, and afterward roll back the past transactions.


Step 4: Back up the database since the following activity may cause data loss.

Step 5: Execute Database Repair permitting a few data loss.


On the off chance that you lost some database files after this activity and don’t have any backup accessible, you can get your files back with the expert hard drive recovery tool.

Step 6: Change the database into Multi-User Mode.

Change DATABASE database_name SET MULTI_USER

Step 7: Refresh the SQL database server and check the network of the database.

Elective Solution to Resolve SQL Server Database Stuck in Suspect Mode Error

Commonly the manual procedure to recover data files is by all accounts simple yet it is extremely precarious. At the point when you need to recover database from the suspect mode in a brief timeframe then you can attempt a third-party tool, for example, the SQL Server MDF File Recovery Software. It effectively fixes and recover your database from suspect mode and effectively export them into MDF files of the SQL Server after that effectively connect with SQL Server Database. This Application is very skillful and progressed because of its SQL database recovery program. This tool fixes all sorts of MDF file objects containing tables, views, constraints, indexes, functions, triggers, procedures, & data types, and so on. Also allows the user to recover deleted SQL Server database objects. This software supports Latest SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, and below. The tool permits clients to use this tool in any version of Windows OS.


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In this blog, we have talked about both the Manual and elective technique to by which you can without much of an effort to fix the issue of MSSQL Server database is going to Suspect Mode. SysTools SQL Recovery tool is accepted to be the best software accessible. The product accompanies simple to utilize manual guide which requires no specialized skill in recovery and shielding of your database from the suspect mode in SQL Server.

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