3 Methods to Connect MDF File to SQL Server

Summary: In case if you are having an MDF file and you want to Connect MDF file to SQL Server to access database components. Then read this article we have given the step by step process to perform this task. Also, We have discussed manual and automated ways to attach MDF file to SQL Server easily.

In this time of advanced edge innovation, the accessibility and convenience of optional assets increasing step by step, and for this Microsoft launched its SQL Server improved version that is easy to deal with and keeps update SQL database with solid attractive quality and unwavering quality to give more solace to their clients. Clients made a database to keep up data and explicit data which was urgent for them and they have to store their database to the SQL Server regarding security and wellbeing perspectives.

Be that as it may, the fundamental difficulty emerges when they do some particular tasks like moving or connecting MDF file to the SQL Server. However, before talking about how to connect SQL databases to the SQL Server you have to find the MDF file and Log file to a particular database organizer. MDF file is the root of the SQL database it acts as a primary storage file and the LDF file is known as the log file which keeps updating the transactional procedures on the SQL database. Both these files are the vital and important files for the right working database.

Ways to Attach MDF File to SQL Server

  • Through SQL Server Management Studio
  • By running Transact-SQL Script

Method 1: Connect MDF File to SQL Server Management Studio

If you need to connect SQL database MDF file through SQL Server Management studio then you have to interface with an example of the SQL DB Engines and investigate it.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Go to Start button – > All Programs – > MS SQL Server – > SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Now, wait for a few seconds with the goal that it opens and afterward Login in it by entering its accreditation details
  4. At that point, abruptly next window indicating the object explorer items on the left side (local) (SQL Server 10.50.1600 – WIN 73/Admin) click on it. After tapping on it its sub-elements list opens.
  5. Select and Right-click on the Databases at that point pick Attach
  6. On clicking Attach alternative the window shows up on the screen call Attach Database Window at that point click on the Add
  7. It shows a list of SQL Server database Files select it and click on the Ok
  8. Presently Confirm the MDF file and LDF file location and click on the Ok button
  9. Presently effectively you have connected Database Name Test to the SQL Server through SQL Server Management Studio.

Method 2: Connect SQL MDF File Via Transact-SQL Script

Associate with the Database Engine and snap New Query.


ON (FILENAME = ‘C:\MySQLServer\XYZ _Data.mdf’),

(FILENAME = ‘C:\MySQLServer\XYZ _Log.ldf’)


Capable Solution to Connect MDF File to SQL Server


The errors that appeared above will make issues at that point while connecting a file to a current database. There is a minor possibility of getting the ideal outcome with the assistance of manual techniques. In this way, whenever failed to connect MDF File in SQL server manually. Then, attempt this one-stop arrangement that can play out your entire work productively with no additional exertion. SysTools MDF SQL Recovery tool can undoubtedly connect database files to SQL Server with no kind of break all the while. This tool underpins all the versions of MS SQL Server.


Steps to Know How to connect MDF file to SQL Server 

Here is given bit by bit manual for utilizing this utility to append the database file without any problem:


  1. Download and Execute the SysTools SQL Recovery
  2. Click on the Open button and browse your MDF file
  3. Select the Advanced Scan option and choose the ideal version by unchecking the Auto-Detect version
  4. Preview the SQL database Objects such as Table, Stored Procedure, Functions, Views etc.
  5. Software Shows the deleted database objects and deleted records in red color.
  6. At that point Export database by tapping on Export and fill the ideal credentials.
  7. The tool shows the outcomes for the exported detail.

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Uniting It All

Here in this blog, we have discussed how to connect MDF file to SQL Server. Additionally, we talked about manual techniques to perform to connect the MDF file. But, if you won’t have the option to play out this procedure, at that point the client can take the assistance of Recover SQL Database Software to connect the database to SQL Server without any problem.

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