Recover Database From Emergency Mode in SQL Server

SQL Server of Microsoft is probably the most versatile and widely used relational database management system. Many small and large scale organizations use this application to store and manage tons of data. We know that SQL database can have specific states, and it runs on different modes such as Online, offline, recovery pending, suspect, emergency, etc.

But sometimes the SQL database becomes inaccessible, and it as marked as Suspected. In suspect database mode the SQL users won’t be able to access the database items until it comes back to online mode. In order to resolve this Suspect database problem, the user can go to an emergency mode which gives read-only permissions.

“Please help! I am facing problem in the production server and my database moved to emergency mode, due to this I am not able to access the database, could you please help to know how to recover database from an Emergency mode in SQL Server 2008 Thanks!”

In the forthcoming article, we will discuss the emergency states and the best possible ways to recover the database from emergency mode.

What is Emergency State In SQL Server: When the SQL database is in the emergency state it means that the SQL database user changed the states to Emergency. In this state, the database will remain to SINGLE_USER Mode. We can repair or restore the SQL database. The user must be a member of the SYSADMIN role to set the database in EMERGENCY mode. Also, we have to set the database as an EMERGENCY mode when the database is marked as suspect.

So far we have discussed the Emergency state in SQL Server. Now we will discuss the best possible ways to recover databases from emergency mode.

Methods to Recover Database from Emergency Mode In SQL Server to Normal Mode

The emergency mode was introduced in the SQL Server version 2005 until the SQL Server 2017 version. The suspect state is not a prerequisite for using Emergency mode. Although the emergency mode is most useful when there is suspect data is present in the database.

If the database is the suspect mode the user can set it to emergency mode, after that you can try to repair the SQL database with the help of DBCC CHECKDB Commands. In case if you do not have the backup or manual methods fails to repair the SQL database then the user can take the help of the SQL Recovery tool.

To access the corrupted or inaccessible the user can take the help of SQL Database Recovery Software. This software can easily repair the corrupted MDF and NDF files. Also, the user can recover the SQL database objects such as SQL table, stored procedure, functions, views, indexes, etc. Also, this application recovers and preview the deleted SQL table records. With the help of the SQL Recovery tool the user can recover Unicode type database objects, also this utility is compatible with SQL Server 2019 and below version. For complete information, the user can try the demo version of this software.


Note: The user can also read another post to know how to fix SQL database recovery pending Access denied.

Final Words

In this post, we have discussed the emergency state in SQL Server and the best possible ways to know how to recover database from the Emergency mode in SQL server. If your database is corrupted, or inaccessible then the user can take the help efficient and smart application to recover SQL database easily.

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