Fix SQL Database Recovery Pending Access Denied Issue

In this blog, we are going to discuss the situation SQL Database recovery pending access denied problem. As we know that SQL databases are not easy to handle, especially when it is facing technical issues. The situation seems to be dreadful when it shows as “Recovery Pending” status, It is normal, as the usual matter of fact but what happens when it comes to the final warning to access denied?

“Please help! I have SQL instance with 7 out of 10 databases are in recovery pending state. I Already restarted the SQL services but it has not helped. I tried various possible ways to fix this issue SQL database recovery pending access denied issue. Can anyone help me with the best possible ways to fix this issue? Thanks”

Are you searching for the solution to the above-discussed problem? If yes, then this article is for you, In this article, we will discuss the best possible ways to tackle this issue. First, I will suggest try to resolve the issues with the help of manual methods. But if you want to recover and access the SQL database then the user can try the SQL File Recovery Software to recover crucial SQL database easily.

Now, to understand the topic, firstly let us get an idea of different SQL database states.

Database States in SQL Server

Sometimes, when the SQL server goes into the inconsistent state, it considered being damaged. SQL databases can go into different states. The different states of the database are as follows:

  1. Online– It is a situation, when any database file during any online operation over it, it remains online and accessible.
  2.  Suspect Mode– In this mode, the transaction log of the SQL database is damaged somehow, due to this SQL server is disturbing during the recovery process. It interrupts recovery and roll-back the transaction recovery completion. SQL database is still not accessible in this state.
  3. Recovery Pending– The database is unavailable in recovery pending state. It is different from the SUSPECT mode because database files are not damaged but some files are missing which creates trouble while opening the files. It needs additional action for the completion of recovery.

Now, we make understand that the recovery pending state is one of the SQL database recovery states. It is an interruption in initiating the recovery of SQL database. Actually, it is not about to fail for sure, instead, it is not about to start yet.

Manual Ways to Fix SQL Database Recovery Pending State Access Denied Issue

Approach 1: Change the Permission Setting

  1. In SQL Server, go to file with .mdf extension.
  2. Right-click on file & choose “Properties”.
  3. In the “Security” tab, click button “Edit”.
  4. A pop-up window display, choose “Authentic Users” under “Group or username section”.
  5. In “Permissions for Authentic Users”, click the checkbox to “Full Control”.

Along with the “Full Control”, the permission option will be selected automatically to SQL recovery pending files.

Approach 2: Change the Authentication Mode

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio Explorer, right-click on “Server” & choose “Properties”.
  2. On the “Security” page, select new Server Authentication mode, and click “OK”.
  3. A dialogue box appears, click “OK” to acknowledge the requirement to restart SQL Server.
  4. Right-click the “Server” on Object Explorer & click to “Restart”.

If in case, SQL Server agent running, then it must be started.

Automatically Fix SQL Server brings Database out of Recovery Pending State

If manual methods did not work, and you have decided to give up on manual methods? Choose third party solution for troubleshooting the solution to SQL Database recovery pending state denied.

Use MS SQL Recovery Software to recover your damaged SQL Server database files quickly and smoothly. This SQL Repair tool has a wide advanced feature which helps to repair database files.

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Advanced features of SQL Recovery Software

  • Provide option to quick and advanced scan files: Primary & Secondary
  • Recover multiple files in batch in a single attempt.
  • Option to preview lost or corrupted files before exporting.
  • Scan and recover all database items (Triggers, Rules, Functions, Tables, etc.)
  • Maintain originality after the recovery of database files.
  • Supported for both ASCII and Unicode XML datatype files.

Fix SQL Database Recovery Pending Access Denied using SQL Recovery Tool

  1. Download & Run SQL Recovery Tool & open MDF files.
  2. Select “Scan Mode” and “Version” of the SQL server file (.mdf).
  3. To preview recovered items, click on “Database Objects”.
  4. Now, click “Export” to save recovered files with Only Schema/Schema & Data.

After following these simple steps, you can successfully recover your corrupted or damaged SQL Database files (MDF & NDF).



In this article, we go through the best and reliable solutions to solve the SQL Database recovery pending state access denied issue. As we know that our SQL database may be affected at any time due to various reasons. And the manual solution can not be able to help in case of severe damages. Thus, in situations, you can take the help of automated tools like SQL Recovery Software. It recovers your database corrupted files and also brings a database out of recovery pending state.

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