OGG-01296 Error mapping from OGG-01154 SQL error 1400 ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into


You can get frequently ” OGG-01296 Error mapping from ” error from Goldengate.


Goldengate replicat is abended with ” OGG-01296 Error mapping from ” error like below.


2020-04-14 15:25:43  INFO    OGG-06510  Using the following key columns for target table MSDEVECI.TEST_TABLE: REQUEST_ID.

2020-04-14 15:25:43  WARNING OGG-00869  Aborting BATCHSQL transaction. Detected inconsistent result: executed 21 operations in batch, resulting in 20 affected rows.

2020-04-14 15:25:43  WARNING OGG-01137  BATCHSQL suspended, continuing in normal mode.

2020-04-14 15:25:43  WARNING OGG-01003  Repositioning to rba 12119957 in seqno 0.

2020-04-14 15:25:43  WARNING OGG-01004  Aborted grouped transaction on MSDEVECI.TEST_TABLE, Database error 1400 (OCI Error ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into (
OUNT_INT_NO","GG_TRANS_DATE") VALUES (:a6,:a7,:a8,:a9,:a10,:a11)>).

2020-04-14 15:25:43  WARNING OGG-01003  Repositioning to rba 12119957 in seqno 0.

2020-04-14 15:25:43  WARNING OGG-01154  SQL error 1400 mapping MSDEVECI.TEST_TABLE to MSDEVECI.TEST_TABLE OCI Error ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("EXTRAC
T_NO","GG_TRANS_DATE") VALUES (:a6,:a7,:a8,:a9,:a10,:a11)>.

Source Context :
  SourceModule            : [er.replicat.errors]
  SourceID                : [er/replicat/reperrors.cpp]
  SourceMethod            : [repError]
  SourceLine              : [1754]
  ThreadBacktrace         : [15] elements
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/libgglog.so(CMessageContext::AddThreadContext())]
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/libgglog.so(CMessageFactory::CreateMessage(CSourceContext*, unsigned int, ...))]
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/libgglog.so(_MSG_QualTableName_QualTableName(CSourceContext*, int, ggs::gglib::ggapp::CQualDBOb
jName<(DBObjType)1> const&, ggs::gglib::ggapp::CQualDBObjName<(DBObjType)1> const&, CMessageFactory::MessageDisposition))]
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(ggs::er::ReplicatContext::repError(short, int, char const*, extr_ptr_def*, ggs::gglib:
:gglcr::CommonLCR const*, std_rec_hdr_def*, char*, ObjectMetadata*, bool))]
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat()]
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(ggs::er::ReplicatContext::processRecord(ggs::gglib::gglcr::CommonLCR const*, ggs::ggli
b::gglcr::CommonLCR*, extr_ptr_def*&, extr_ptr_def*&, bool&, int&, bool, RepCsn&))]
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(ggs::er::ReplicatContext::processReplicatLoop())]
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(ggs::er::ReplicatContext::run())]
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat()]
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(ggs::gglib::MultiThreading::MainThread::ExecMain())]
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(ggs::gglib::MultiThreading::Thread::RunThread(ggs::gglib::MultiThreading::Thread::Thre
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(ggs::gglib::MultiThreading::MainThread::Run(int, char**))]
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(main)]
                          : [/lib64/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main)]
                          : [/ggatea01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat()]

2020-04-14 15:25:43  ERROR   OGG-01296  Error mapping from MSDEVECI.TEST_TABLE to MSDEVECI.TEST_TABLE.


When you get ” OGG-01296 Error mapping from ” error, firstly check replicat table constraints and triggers.


You can also see that replicat report file says ” ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ” error.

So when I check related table triggers and constraints, problem is occured because of constraints.


Constraints on the related table are enabled, you should disable them.


I have disabled triggers with the following command.

alter trigger TRIGGER_NAME disable;

You can disable constraint with the following command.

ALTER TABLE table_name DISABLE CONSTRAINT constraint_name;



When I disable the constraints, my Replicat has been started and run properly.


There are several types of OGG-01296 Error mapping in Goldengate. You should review the OGG-01296 error with the other ORA Errors like ORA-01400.


If you got OGG-01296 Error mapping with OGG-01154 error, you can read the following post to solve it.





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