OCI Error !! – [Errno 12] Timeout on https://www.ksplice.com/yum/uptrack/ol/7Server/x86_64/repodata/repomd.xml:

Hi friends, i want to explain OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure yum problem and solution method.

If you currently using Oracle Cloud, you should know basic Cloud Architecture. Oracle takes most of the responsibilities on the cloud, but we need to do specific tasks.

One of them is to edit security lists.


Security list allows us to edit incoming or outgoing requests to our machine. You may be experiencing this error if you deleted the egress rule in the security list.

If you create a virtual machine on Oracle Cloud, there must be an egress rule that arrives as shown in the picture

If this rule is deleted or does not come ready, the operating system will get an error like next picture



You should add the Egress rule to the security list, then the operating system will see the rule and fix the problem in a few seconds.

Add the Egress rule as in the picture.


That’s all!

See you in next article..

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