How to connect to Oracle from Your Windows Host to a VirtualBox Guest

I am sure that anyone who wants to work on a database or a data warehouse would like to have a database that they don’t care about, even if it crashes at hand. Setting up a database and getting lost in configurations will also cause a huge waste of time. Instead of dealing with them, you can download the virtual machine with the Oracle database already installed and put it directly into the application.

For this purpose, Oracle offers a virtual machine open to everyone. In this virtual machine, Oracle Database and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) applications are installed. You can easily access and download from the following link:


To use this virtual machine, you can also download the free version of Oracle Virtualbox from the following link:


After you set up the virtual machine, you query the ip address of the virtual machine to access the database on the virtual machine from your Windows computer, like me:

If you want to connect to the database at this address with Toad as follows, you will probably encounter an error like this:

Connection failed. ORA-12170: TNS: Connect timeout occured

This indicates that the database at the specified address cannot be accessed. There are many different methods on the internet. However, the simple method I prefer is to add a second Network Adapter to the virtual machine via Virtualbox. We select and save the connection method of this second Network Adapter as Host-Only Adapter. In this way, we provide direct communication of our Windows computer to our virtual machine.

Then, when we restart the virtual machine, a new IP address is defined as below. By entering this ip address toad we will see that it is connected successfully.

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  1. Thanks a lot. I was trying to connect to Oracle from my host Windows 11 to VirtualBox Guest Windows 10 (Oracle 12 DB installed) from a week.

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