GC overhead limit exceeded error Weblogic java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

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Compatible Versions

Weblogic 10.3.6 or Later

Error Message

weblogic.application.ModuleException: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded


This error can be caused due to the lack of memory for java heap. To solve this problem please follow below steps.

Please note that, raising memory/heap size can not be enough everytime, find the root cause of what process/code are using most of the memory and why.

To change the WebLogic JVM heap size:

  1. Open the setDomainEnv file in a text editor.

Easy way to find “setDomainEnv”. Search file under base directory

find /u01/app/middleware -name setDomainEnv.sh

/u01/app/middleware = base directory of the weblogic


Find directory “…/user_projects/domains”


  1. Search for this comment line:

# IF USER_MEM_ARGS the environment variable is set, use it to override ALL MEM_ARGS values

  1. Immediately after the comment line, add one of these lines:

export USER_MEM_ARGS=”-Xms128m – Xmx8192m ${MEM_DEV_ARGS} ${MEM_MAX_PERM_SIZE}”

  1. Save the file.
  2. Re-start Weblogic Server or Managed server, you deployed your application.

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