Fix SQL Database Corrupt during Upgrade Issue

Summary: In this problem tackling blog we will discuss how to resolve SQL Database corrupt during upgrade from Lower version to Higher Version issue. In case of Database corruption the user can use expert solution recover SQL database to resolve this issue.

The Copy Database Wizard is a product used by practically all database heads to move or make duplicates of databases with their objects starting with one server then onto the next with no issue. The principle in addition to the purpose of using this wizard is that it lets clients upgrade the SQL Server database with no personal time. It has gotten one of the most well-known approaches to move a small or medium-sized database between the servers. Aside from this, it additionally allows administrators to move or copy additional database objects and metadata likewise like SSIS packages, objects required by the database which is replicated, log from the primary database, and so forth. Become acquainted with why SQL database corrupt during upgrade?

This application is significant, skilled, and helpful however in certain circumstances due to sudden events, for example, power surges or strange framework shut down during the upgrade brings about corruption in the SQL database. Presently, to proceed with the work process, it is extremely imperative to fix corrupt SQL database and get access back to the stored data. In this way, so as to recover the SQL database, one is encouraged to use any capable and effective third-party tool. Hence, this tool will tell clients how to fix damaged SQL database after upgrades in a consistent way. Aside from this, the means to upgrade the SQL database using the Copy Database Wizard is likewise examined with the goal that one can upgrade the SQL database in a legitimate way. So in this article we will discuss steps to upgrade SQL Server version and what to do if SQL Database Corrupt during Upgrade.

Important Note: In case if you are facing corruption in the SQL database then the user can take the help of SysTools SQL Database Recovery Software. This will help the user to recover SQL server database components Like Table, Stored Procedure, functions, Views, Triggers etc. This software also allows to recover deleted SQL Server database components. For further information the user can try the free trial version of this software.


Steps to Upgrade SQL Server

  • The Copy Database Wizard can be conjured through the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Interface with SQL Server 2005 utilizing SSMS and from it, right-click on the database name that you wish to upgrade.
  • After selecting the database go to “Tasks“- > “Copy Database… “
  • From the Copy Database Wizard that opens up, click on the Next screen to start the upgrade procedure.
  • Now, select the SQL Server 2005 source server name and the proper authentication
  • Click on Next and select the SQL Server 2008 destination server name and the proper authentication mode.
  • Click on Next and pick one of the accessible transfer techniques.
  • The favored strategy to upgrade huge databases is the “Detach and Attach Method”, however it requires the source database to go offline.
  • Click on Next and from the resulting screen select the database you wish to relocate from the list of databases.
  • Here you’ll have the decision to “Move” or “Copy” the database or do both.
  • Click on Next and determine database file names and furthermore your decision whether to overwrite existing databases at the destination.
  • Click on Next and select the extra objects (outside the SQL Server 2005 databases) that you need to copy to SQL Server 2008 server.
  • Click on Next and indicate the SSIS package and the logging option fitting to your arrangement. You can pick from keeping in touch with a Windows occasion log or to a Text File.
  • Click on Next and select if you wish to run the SSIS package promptly or plan it to later. Beneath the SSIS package running settings.
  • You will likewise discover the Integration Service Proxy account settings. These settings will determine the client account that will be utilized to run the package.
  • Click Next and confirm every one of your determinations and click Finish to begin the relocation.

At the point when the upgrade finishes, a success screen will be shown demonstrating that the procedure has finished.

While the previously mentioned manual system accompanies in addition to purposes of being liberated from cost and promptly accessible, it experiences the accompanying limitations:

It is an excessively lengthy and complex process.

Configuration issues in any variant of SQL Server can keep you from upgrading.

You can never truly be certain if and when any of the accompanying SQL database upgrading issues may emerge:

  • Database Engine upgrade issues
  • Late-breaking upgrade issues
  • Replication Upgrade issues
  • Full-text search upgrade issues
  • SQL Server Agent upgrade issues
  • Reporting Services upgrade issues

Besides, before performing this strategy, you should guarantee that the file you’re using for the upgrade is an individual from the sysadmin fixed server job on both the source and destination servers

These weaknesses of the strategy are adequate to provoke the need for a simpler technique (third-party tool) to perform the upgrade. Additionally, the greatest hazard that this strategy conveys is that if the upgrade gets hindered because of any reasons, the SQL Server database will wind up getting corrupted.

What would it be advisable for you to do if the SQL Database Corrupt During Upgrade?

Numerous SQL admins report that while SQL upgrading 2005 to 2008, they have confronted the “SQL database corrupt subsequent to upgrading” issue. In such circumstances, they have no choice yet to prematurely end the procedure, restore the entire database from backups or logs, and afterward restart with the relocation.

We have an easier solution. A corrupt SQL database needs primary fix methodology, and rather than manual questionable techniques, giving over the activity to a skillful SQL recovery tool is a smarter decision. We suggest using SysTools SQL Recovery tool for MS SQL for fixing corrupt SQL databases. Notwithstanding fixing databases damaged because of flawed upgrades, this tool can deftly fix other complex issues like mounting issues, grimy shutdown state, database irregularity because of missing logs, and so on. Furnished with incredible checking abilities and simple to use interface, this tool is the smartest option with regards to managing SQL database upgrading issue. Also allows the user to recover deleted SQL Server database objects. This application supports SQL Server 2019 and below versions.

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Numerous association directors use Copy Database Wizard so as to upgrade their SQL Servers. Yet, here and there it begins making issues like SQL database corrupt during upgrade. In such a sort of circumstance, the above notice tool can be used to fix damaged or corrupted databases.

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