What is the SRVCTL and Useful SRVCTL Commands in Oracle RAC

I will explain What is the SRVCTL and Useful SRVCTL Commands in Oracle RAC in this post.


Useful SRVCTL Commands in Oracle RAC

You can read the following article to learn CRSCTL utility, and RAC Management via crsctl.

Oracle RAC Administration Scripts via CRSCTL -5


What is the SRVCTL

SRVCTL ( Server Control ) is very important utility on RAC Databases for Oracle DBA. You can start and stop the database and instances and move or remove instances and services very easily.

For Example; You have Full Exadata which is 8 nodes RAC, You need to shutdown all instances. You can shutdown and startup all instances with one srvctl command easily.

There are lots of options used with SRVCTL command, these options and their descriptions are as follows.

-d Database Name
-i Instance Name
-s Service Name
-n Node Name
-r Preferred list
-a Available list
-p TAF (Transparent application failover policy)
-v Verbose


SRVCTL Status and Config Database

You can check all instance status of database as follows.

srvctl status database -d DB_NAME

[oracle@MSDBdbadm01 ~]$ srvctl status database -d MSDB
Instance MSDB1 is running on node MSDBdbadm01
Instance MSDB2 is running on node MSDBdbadm02
Instance MSDB3 is running on node MSDBdbadm03
Instance MSDB4 is running on node MSDBdbadm04
[oracle@MSDBdbadm01 ~]$

You can display the configurations (instances name, nodes and oracle home) of any RAC Database as follows.

srvctl config database -d DB_NAME

srvctl config database -d MSDB



Shutdown RAC Database

You can shutdown all instances of any database as follows.

srvctl stop database -d db_name [-o stop_options]

srvctl stop database -d DB_NAME

srvctl stop database -d DB_NAME -o normal
srvctl stop database -d DB_NAME -o immediate
srvctl stop database -d DB_NAME -o transactional
srvctl stop database -d DB_NAME -o abort

[oracle@MSDBdbadm01 ~]$ srvctl stop database -d MSDB

Startup RAC Database

You can start all instances of any database as follows.

srvctl start database -d db_name [-o start_options]

srvctl start database -d DB_NAME

srvctl start database -d DB_NAME -o nomount
srvctl start database -d DB_NAME -o mount
srvctl start database -d DB_NAME -o open

[oracle@MSDBdbadm01 ~]$ srvctl start database -d MSDB



Shutdown An Instance

You can shutdown only specific Instance of RAC database as follows.

srvctl stop instance -d db_unique_name [-i "instance_name_list"]} [-o stop_options] [-f]

srvctl stop instance -d DB_NAME -i INSTANCE_NAME

[oracle@MSDBdbadm01 ~]$ srvctl stop instance -d MSDB -i MSDB1



Startup and Status An Instance

You can startup only specific Instance(s) of RAC database as follows.

srvctl start instance -d db_unique_name [-i "instance_name_list"} [-o start_options]

srvctl start instance -d DB_NAME -i INSTANCE_NAME

[oracle@MSDBdbadm01 ~]$ srvctl start instance -d MSDB -i MSDB1


You can display any instance of RAC database as follows.

srvctl status instance -d DB_NAME -i INSTANCE_NAME

[oracle@MSDBdbadm01 ~]$ srvctl status instance -d MSDB -i MSDB1



Add and Remove Database from CRS

You can add new DB to CRS as follows.

srvctl add database -d db_unique_name -o ORACLE_HOME [-p spfile]

srvctl add database -d MSDB -o /u01/app/product/ -p +DATAC1/MSDB/parameterfile/spfileMSDB.ora

You can remove existing DB from CRS as follows.

srvctl remove database -d db_unique_name [-f] [-y] [-v]

srvctl remove database -d DB_NAME -f -y




Stop, Start and Check ASM via SRVCTL

You can shutdown an ASM instance as follows.

srvctl stop asm -n NODE_NAME -o immediate

srvctl stop asm -n msdbdbadm01 -o immediate

You can startup an ASM instance as follows.

srvctl start asm -n NODE_NAME

srvctl start asm -n msdbdbadm01

You can display configuration and status an ASM instance as follows.

srvctl status asm -n NODE_NAME
srvctl config asm -n NODE_NAME


[oracle@msdbdbadm01 ~]$ srvctl status asm -n msdbdbadm01
ASM is running on msdbdbadm01
[oracle@msdbdbadm01 ~]$
[oracle@msdbdbadm01 ~]$
[oracle@msdbdbadm01 ~]$ srvctl config asm -n msdbdbadm01
PRKO-2207 : Warning:-node option has been deprecated and will be ignored.
ASM home: <CRS home>
Password file: +DBFS_DG/orapwASM
ASM listener: LISTENER
[oracle@msdbdbadm01 ~]$


Stop, Start and Check Service via SRVCTL

You can start, stop and check any service on Database as follows.

srvctl status service -d db_name
srvctl config service -d db_name
srvctl start service -d dbname -s service_name
srvctl stop service -d dbname -s service_name


srvctl add service -d {DB_NAME} -s {SERVICE_NAME} -r {"preferred_list"} -a {"available_list"} [-P {BASIC | NONE | PRECONNECT}]

srvctl relocate service -d db_name -s service_name -i instance_name -t new_instance_name [-f]

You can remove any service as follows.

srvctl remove service -d {DB_NAME} -s {SERVICE_NAME}

srvctl remove service -d MSDB -s MSDB_SALES



Enable/disable Autorestart of Instance and Database

You can enable and disable auto restart of the database as follows.

srvctl enable database -d DB_UNIQUE_NAME
srvctl disable database -d DB_UNIQUE_NAME


You can enable and disable auto restart of the instance

srvctl enable instance -d DB_UNIQUE_NAME-i INSTANCE_NAME
srvctl disable instance -d DB_UNIQUE_NAME-i INSTANCE_NAME



Start, Stop and Check status,configurations of NodeApps

srvctl status nodeapps -n nodename

srvctl config nodeapps -n nodename

srvctl start nodeapps -n nodename

srvctl stop nodeapps -n nodename

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