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Indexing of new sites takes place by getting them into the Google archive. When Google bots find a suitable SEO criterion during the first visit of a new website, it provides an advantage in the first index. On-site and off-site SEO is very important. However, getting hundreds of off-site links in the first index may cause it to be stuck on filters by not being considered natural by Google. When you publish the website for the first time, it will be better to give importance to SEO within the site. If the site is off-site, I suggest you do it in parallel with the popularity of the site, the duration of the site and the content of the site.

After indexing your website for the first time, archiving the updated contents by revisiting your website periodically continues. In this case, it is very important to update your website correctly and on time.

We can make Google bots come and visit the site early. Some methods are as follows;

Blog Backlink: It is the fact that blog websites receive links such as comments, likes and sharing in the articles. SEO is also the most popular method with different uses.

Ping: These are the intermediary sites used to update or update the site. They create a query within the sites, enabling search engines to be called. Example:

Directories: It provides a categorized listing on the websites. The contents of the website are like creating a section.

Fast Indexing Techniques

The site that first announced an innovation or current news by Google means a qualified and productive website. There is a lot of competition in this regard. Websites are in an effort to make the content stand out from Google. Without doing any work, Google bots will understand what’s new on your website. But it may take quite some time. Therefore, being noticed early by Google will always benefit you. Website owners are struggling with this most. It is one of the issues that our customers complain about the most. Why did we produce new content on the website? If you want to get rid of this kind of complaint read this article carefully.

Current Content: Whatever intervals you create content on your site, the visit of Google bots is shaped accordingly. For example, if you only create content in a certain time period, Google bots will also visit your site at that time. Of course, it may not be enough to do this.

Bookmarking Sites: The linking sites provide minute links and content is updated. Google bots do not leave sites that are updated frequently. The indexing speed depends entirely on the update frequency of the bookmarking site.

Social Sites: Having links to articles on platforms such as social media twitter, facebook, instagram and whatsapp can speed up the indexing speed up to 6 times.

Creating Sitemap: If your website has an update interval, the sitemap should also be updated. Google can visit faster after adding sitemap to Google Search Console. The backlinks you receive on the sitemap will increase the frequency of updating your sitemap.

Small changes in the articles are also an important criterion for Google bots in terms of update frequency.

Bonus Part :

Commenting in the articles is also a separate update event. The more often comments are added to a post, the more often the Google bot will start visiting it. Encourage do not like to make sure to review the text on your website. Even as a visitor, you can increase the comments.

It helps your website to comment frequently updated sites outside the site. Without realizing it, you will have attracted Google bots to your site.

You can be aware of the pages visited by Google using the Google toolbar. You can contribute to indexing with a few visits to your new page.

By showing similar articles at the end of an article, you can make Google noticed early.

It is also very important to add tags to the article. If you add a used tag, you can also index the last post if this tag page is visited by Google.

Finally, if we are going to gather, you can reduce the indexing speed to minutes or even seconds. when you apply the topics in this article simultaneously.

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