RMAN Backup and Restore Status in Oracle Database


If you start long operations such as RMAN Backup and Datapump Export in Oracle database, probably you want to see progress of these operations.


You can see and monitor RMAN Backup and Restore Status and progress with following script.


alter session set nls_date_format='DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS';
set line 2222;
set pages 2222;
set long 6666;
select sl.sid, sl.opname,
to_char(100*(sofar/totalwork), '990.9')||'%' pct_done,
sysdate+(TIME_REMAINING/60/60/24) done_by
from v$session_longops sl, v$session s
where sl.sid = s.sid
and sl.serial# = s.serial#
and sl.sid in (select sid from v$session where module like 'backup%' or module like 'restore%' or module like 'rman%')
and sofar != totalwork
and totalwork > 0


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