Restore SQL Database Easily – Step By Step Guide

SQL Server from Microsoft is a popular relational database management system that needs no introduction. This application is used by a large number of organizations and professionals. In some scenarios, the SQL server administrator wants to Restore SQL Database successfully. As we know that restoring is the process of copying the data from the backups. But what to do in case if the person won’t be able to restore SQL database or facing problems in restoring the data. Let us consider the query asked by the user in the forum site.

I am working as an SQL Administrator in a reputed organization. Yesterday, when I tried to update the SQL database suddenly power, went off and the database entries are not saved properly. So I tried to restore from the backup. But unfortunately, I have corrupted backup file. So please help me in restoring the database easily.”

In this article, we are going to discuss how to restore SQL server database from .bak file and also in case if your backup file is corrupted. Then you can take the help of SQL database recovery utility to resolve this problem. It can easily repair your corrupted MDF file. Before Proceeding to the solution Let us first try to restore SQL database from the bak file.

Restore SQL Server Database From Bak File

In case if you have a SQL .bak file and if it is in the healthy state then you can try the following T-SQL command to restore SQL server database from a bak file.

RESTORE DATABASE databasename FROM DISK =’databasename.bak’


In case if this method doesn’t work for you then you can restore SQL database with the help of SQL Server Management studio.

1. First, open and connect to Microsoft SQL Server Management studio.

2. Go to the Database and then right-click on Database and choose to restore database option.

3. Choose the Device Radio Button.

4. Click on Add button to add the backup File and then click OK.

5. The following database restored successfully will display.



In case if you have corrupted backup file then the user can take the help of SQL bak file recovery tool. It will help you to repair corrupted SQL backup file easily.

Restore SQL Database Using MDF File

In case if you have corrupted MDF file and you want to restore SQL database then the user can try SQL Recovery tool to Restore SQL database from MDF file. It can easily remove the corruption from the MDF file. The user can easily recover database objects such as SQL tables, stored procedure, functions, views, etc. Also, this utility provides the option to export the SQL data directly To SQL server. This Utility comes with easy to use graphical user interface so that the user can easily use this software with ease. More information about this utility, the user can try the demo version of this utility.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed the problem faced by the users how to restore SQL database. We have discussed the two ways. In case if you have the backup file then you can restore from the backup. If your backup file is corrupted then you can take the help of Automated solution to resolve this issue.

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