Resolve Outlook Scanpst Failed to Add Row to the FLT Error

Microsoft Outlook is and has been perhaps the most ideal alternative for corporates, non-corporates, and for business undertakings too for many years. This application is easy to understand with brilliant and simple GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool or ScanPST assists fix with corrupted or orphaned Outlook data files, for example, OST and PST. Notwithstanding, it now and then prompts errors, for example, “SCANPST fails to Add Row to the FLT” while fixing a damaged OST Outlook data file. At the point when you scan a PST file, the tool reports the error Failed to add a row to FLT, RowID = nn in huge numbers.

Thus, you cannot fix such seriously corrupted PST files by using the ScanPST tool and require a further developed PST file repair tool, for example, Emaildoctor Outlook Email Recovery Recovery.


What happens When this Error Happens?

All in all, what happens when you face this error about which you would have heard nothing? From our experience, this error affects the Outlook OST file gradually and lastly corrupts the file, leaving you (the client) dazed. Before we go directly to how to resolve this issue, how about we move from the beginning and talk about the reasons for this error.

Reasons behind ‘Outlook ScanPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT’ Error

ScanPST tool may show this error because of PST data file corruption that might be brought about many reasons,

  • Enormous or larger than average PST file
  • Disk file framework errors/awful divisions
  • Data integrity issues
  • Power framework shutdown
  • Framework or Outlook crash
  • System failure if PST file is situated on system or outside drive
  • Virus or malware interruption

Strategies to Fix This “ScanPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT” Error

 To determine the SCANPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT error, follow these investigating strategies,

  1. Attempt re-sending out the PST file from Outlook
  2. Before checking the PST file by utilizing the ScanPST tool, close all running processes that may approach PST files, for example, MS Outlook, antivirus programming, and so forth.
  3. Take a stab at moving the PST file to an alternate PC and use the ScanPST tool to fix the PST file
  4. Guarantee the PST file is not bigger than 2GB or encrypted.
  5. Try not to attempt to fix a PST file by utilizing ScanPST when the file is put away at a system location. Continuously copy the file to a local drive to fix the file

If these techniques don’t work, follow the step by step instructions to fix the PST file when ScanPST does not work.

Step by step instructions to Fix the Issue

There is a couple of basic manual strategy to fix corrupted or damaged PST file, you can go with without the need of any extra tool or devices. Additionally, these techniques resemble framework checks and troubleshoot, how about we experience them individually:

Security Software Causing Problem

If you’ve introduced an antivirus programming or some other security tool, at that point it may be one of the reasons that block the Outlook PST file from being available. Check if it is configured to examine incoming and outgoing messages.

Booting the framework in Clean Boot Mode would likewise be useful. It’ll disable all non-Microsoft applications and the antivirus or security applications; if any of the applications is causing an issue, you can ensure it in this progression.

Check the Format of Outlook PST file

In Outlook check the configuration of the PST file. This strategy is important to guarantee that the file isn’t available as a result of the configuration. On the off chance that the configuration of Outlook PST file is appeared as 97-2003, at that point there would be no alternative left other than making another Outlook PST file and set as default.

Attempt an Expert Outlook recuperation device

So far we have seen the manual ways to ScanPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT Issue If data loss and unavailability happen on account of above-filed reasons and the fix techniques don’t work for you, at that point you would require a powerful, dependable and agreeable solution for the guarantee that you won’t lose your data regardless of whether the file is corrupted or damaged gravely. Emaildoctor Outlook Recovery is an outstanding tool that works even in most exceedingly awful circumstances of PST file corruption.

From fixing the damaged Outlook PST file to recover the data, the PST recovery tool offers much progressively featured, full file recovery, and the capacity to export the file in not one but rather numerous file formats without any data loss with a full guarantee. Moreover, if you are facing corruption in the OST file then you can use Emaildoctor OST Recovery tool. This tool is widely used by many users to fix the OST file corruption and to recover the deleted items from the corrupted OST file.


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In this article we have discussed about ScanPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT. Microsoft Outlook issues can be dubious and can disappoint you long; before you simply go for anything to sort the issue, you should discover the reasons for the issue and the total solution for the issue. By using third-party tools.

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