Rename Asm DiskGroup Name On 12c

Rename asm diskgroup name on 12c.

Data and Reco asm disk group name switch operation steps are below.

Step1:Startup asm with created asm pfile.
startup pfile=$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init+ASM.ora;
Step2:Dismount all disks.
alter diskgroup all dismount;
Step3:First operation , rename diskgroup name as metadata.
renamedg phase=one dgname=DATA newdgname=DATA1 asm_diskstring='/dev/oracleasm/disks/DATA_VOL01' config=/tmp/disk.conf verbose=true keep_voting_files=true
renamedg phase=two dgname=DATA newdgname=DATA1 config=/tmp/disk.conf verbose=true keep_voting_files=true
renamedg phase=one dgname=RECO newdgname=RECO1 asm_diskstring='/dev/oracleasm/disks/RECO_VOL01' config=/tmp/disk2.conf verbose=true keep_voting_files=true
renamedg phase=two dgname=RECO newdgname=RECO1 config=/tmp/disk2.conf verbose=true keep_voting_files=true
Step4:Move disks in diskgroup .
alter diskgroup DATA1 mount restricted;
alter diskgroup DATA1 rename disks all;
alter diskgroup RECO1 mount restricted;
alter diskgroup RECO1 rename disks all;
Step5:Dismount all disks.
alter diskgroup all dismount;
Step6:Second operation , rename diskgroup name as metadata.
renamedg phase=one dgname=DATA1 newdgname=RECO asm_diskstring='/dev/oracleasm/disks/DATA_VOL01' config=/tmp/disk3.conf verbose=true keep_voting_files=true
renamedg phase=two dgname=DATA1 newdgname=RECO config=/tmp/disk3.conf verbose=true keep_voting_files=true
renamedg phase=one dgname=RECO1 newdgname=DATA asm_diskstring='/dev/oracleasm/disks/RECO_VOL01' config=/tmp/disk4.conf verbose=true keep_voting_files=true
renamedg phase=two dgname=RECO1 newdgname=DATA config=/tmp/disk4.conf verbose=true keep_voting_files=true
Step7:Move disks in diskgroup .
alter diskgroup DATA mount restricted;
alter diskgroup DATA rename disks all;
alter diskgroup RECO mount restricted;
alter diskgroup RECO rename disks all;
Step8:You can read disk with kfed and kfod .
kfod asm_diskstring='/dev/oracleasm/disks/*' disks=all
kfed read /dev/oracleasm/disks/DATA_VOL01
kfed read /dev/oracleasm/disks/RECO_VOL01


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