Regular Expressions

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In this article I will tell you regular expressions .


It is similar to the LIKE operator , but provides improved results production than the like operator .

  • Sometimes we can even do operations that LIKE cannot do with REGEXP_LIKE .

  • For example , let’s have a list of letters a , b or c :


Like the regexp_like operator, this results in a similar but more advanced result to the INSTR operator . Specific parameters are :

  • Pattern : Our value to be found ,

  • Position : Search start position ,

  • Occurence : How to find ,

  • Parameters : Search type .

  • Now let’s make an example of this statement . In our example , give the position of the letter ‘e’ the second time you find it after the second character , with no case sensitivity :


It is similar and more advanced to the SUBSTR operator .

  • We want the value between two commas in the query we type :


It is similar and more advanced to the REPLACE operator . It also includes some capabilities of the TRANSLATE command .


It comes with 11G . It is an easy and capable function in terms of use . Let’s illustrate its use with an example :

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