Ways to Rebuild Master Database in SQL Server Easily

Summary: The Master database is a very important database because it holds the primary configuration of the SQL database. But in case if it is corrupted then the user has to face various issues, So we will discuss the ways to rebuild the master database in SQL Server.

Many users are using the SQL server and, they maintain their backup but sometimes users avoid database failures and accidents happen. So, in order to overcome certain actions.

All the configuration settings and account information of the database are stored in the SQL Server database files. Master database contains 2 files: master.mdf and masterlog.ldf. It contains all the records of the files which are existing in the database. Users cannot start the SQL server if the master database is corrupt or unavailable.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss some methods to rebuild the master database in SQL server. Before proceeding to the solution part let us discussed how to check whether your Master Database is corrupted or not.

Important Note:  In case if you want a quick solution to rebuild the master database in SQL Server then the user can take the help of Emaildoctor Recover SQL database Software to resolve corruption-related issues.

Check Whether Your Master Database is Corrupted Or Not

  1. Occurrence of Input / Output errors or Segmentation faults.
  2. When the User unsuccessful to start the SQL Server.
  3. Generation of Report by database consistency checker.

Know the Reasons to Rebuild Master Database in SQL Server 

  • When the user deletes some crucial information logins, Linked server, and SQL Server Configuration.
  • When the master database is corrupted by a hardware or software failure.
  • When the user wants to create a clone of the database.
  • When users need to restore the database into a new instance.

Manual Methods to Rebuild Master Database in SQL Server

In order to rebuild the master database in SQL database server, follow the below-mentioned procedure:

Method 1: Pre-Rebuild Procedure


Since the master database is corrupted. Therefore, to prevent the loss of other files, it is important to make a backup of these files. We have to back up these files MSDB data, MSDB Log, model log in & model. Let’s execute the backup process:

  1. Launch SQL server configuration manager on the system
  2. Click on the SQL server services.
  3. Now, choose the desired service and select to Stop to halt the services one by one.
  4. Exit the SQL server configuration manager.

Go to the location where the master database rebuilt

Note: The directory location where the master database will be rebuilt automatically is:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\[INSTANCE NAME]\MSSQL\DATA

Extract all the files in a separate folder and delete the corrupted master log, temp log, tempdb files.

Rebuilding Procedure 

Users must follow these steps to rebuild the master database:

  1. In the command window, modify the directory location of the server instance.
  2. Enter the directory location where installation media of SQL server 2016 is present.
  3. Open Command Prompt as administrator.
  4. Execute the following command.
  5. Then, press the Enter button.

Rebuild Master database 

At the time when all the databases are rebuilt, no message is returned in the command prompt. If you want to check whether the procedure is accomplished successfully or not, check the summary.txt file.

The location for this file is:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\130\Setup Bootstrap\Logs

Post-Rebuild Procedure

Once the rebuilding process is done, execute the following operations:

  1. After the master database is rebuilt.
  2. Restart all the services which were used to halt.
  3. Restore the backups of the model and MSDB database.
  4. If a backup of the data is not present, you can simply replace the model files and rebuild MSDB with the backup files which we made in the first section. This step must be performed after pausing the services.

Authentic Method to Rebuild Master Database in SQL Server

The manual method is very lengthy and also it is a very tedious task to do. Moreover, only technical expertise is demanded to complete this operation successfully. So, to avoid such issues, users can go with another authentic method to rebuild the master database, by using the SQL Database Recovery tool. It is a professional tool to rebuild the master database in SQL Server. This can easily remove corruption issues easily.

Both primary and secondary databases can be repaired using this tool. It also scans and export triggers, rules, tables, functions, stored procedures. This software is also compatible with ASCII and Unicode XML data types. The user can easily recover the deleted SQL database objects by using this application. This tool is also compatible with all the versions of SQL Server such as 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, and other versions beneath them.

Wrap Up

 The majority of SQL users are facing such problems because of corrupted database files. It is essential to solving these types of issues as soon as possible. This blog explains a manual method as well as the authentic method to rebuild master database in SQL server 2019/ 2017 / 2016/ 2014/ 2012 and below versions.

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