PL/SQL Programing -1 Introduction to PL/SQL

Hi, we are starting a new tutorial. In this tutorial we’ll look PL/SQL programing, examples and much more.


PL / SQL is a programming language created by adding the features of the SQL query language developed by Oracle. Since it is a procedural structure, it can do what SQL cannot do within the code.


The picture shows the PL / SQL architecture. The written code is processed and returned in two different environments. When the developed code is divided into procedures and normal SQL queries, it can be said that it receives the data in the SQL side database and the procedure does the things SQL cannot do as the software language.

PL/SQL Key Futures:
  • Codes work in block structures
  • Procedures, Functions, Trigger, Package procedures can develop and use programming techniques
  • We can create our own error conditions and catch them.
  • Used only for Oracle database.
PL/SQL Blok Structure:

The core of PL / SQL is DECLARE-BEGIN-END. PL / SQL has three block structures;

  • Simple (Anonymous) Block Structure
  • Function Block Structure
  • Procedure Block Structure

I’ll conclude this post here, and the next post will continue with a simple block structure.

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