Oracle EBS ( E-Business Suite 12.2.6 ) Step by Step Installation -4 Final


I will continue to explain how to install Oracle EBS on the last post.


Oracle EBS Installation

Read the previous article of Oracle EBS Install before this.

Oracle EBS ( E-Business Suite 12.2.6 ) Step by Step Installation -3



E-Business Suite 12.2.6 Installation






Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.6 (Doc ID 2114016.1)

Path A – Upgrade and New Installation Customers upgrading to Oracle EBS 12.2.6 Release Update Pack



1.Stop apps tier and db tier and backup system with copy command


2. Source the run edition applications environment.

It is already set in .bash_profile


3. Set the “optimizer_adaptive_features” database parameter to TRUE again

alter system set optimizer_adaptive_features=true scope=both;

System altered.


4. Stop Weblogic AdminServer and Node Manager services.

Applying the patch in downtime mode requires all application tier services to be down.

sh $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/ apps/apps321

kill -9 `ps -ef|grep app45 | awk '{print $2}'`



Apply Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.6 Release Update Pack Patch 21900901 on the run edition application environment, using downtime mode.

. /app/TEST45/EBSapps.env run

adop phase=apply apply_mode=downtime patches=21900901



5. Start all Application tier services on the run file system.




6. Perform adop cleanup action.

adop phase=cleanup



7. Synchronize file systems

Synchronize the file systems using the command shown below. This action will copy the new run edition code and configuration to the other file system, to ensure that both file systems are in sync before applying patches using the regular adop cycle on the other file system.

adop phase=fs_clone



Post-Update Steps

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.6 Readme (Doc ID 2114016.1)


1. Apply Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.5 Online Help Patch 19676460 using adop hotpatch mode on the run file system.


adop phase=apply patches=21900918 hotpatch=yes



2. To apply NLS ( Turkish ) Language patch follow the instructions in correct order.

Oracle E-Business Suite NLS Release Notes, Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1314621.1)

  • Activate the new language using the Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) License Manager.
  • Maintain snapshot information > Update current view snapshot
  • Run the AD Administration utility to maintain multi-lingual tables from the Maintain Applications Database Entities menu.
  • Log on to your Applications’ administration node as the APP45 user and source the APPL_TOP environment file.  If you are on Release 12.2.0 or above, make sure you are connected to the RUN edition. Use the manifest generation tool to generate a manifest file by executing the following command:
perl $AD_TOP/bin/




The manifest generated from the tool is located at : $APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/out/adgennls.txt

  • Upload and apply patch with adop in normal patch cycle prepare,apply,finalize,cutover,cleanup

adop phase=prepare



3. Applying Localization Patch

R12 EMEA Add-on Localizations – Turkey (Doc ID 472686.1)

Before you start with the implementation of the localizations, please review the My Oracle Support Note 1668516.1 EMEA Add-on Localizations – Implementation considerations.

Installing EMEA Add-on Localization for the 1st time (1)Using EMEA Add-on Localizations in the source Instance (1)
12.2 Fresh Installation      Note 1628719.1



4. Creating CLE Product & Applying Mandatory Patches for R12.2 EMEA Add-on Localizations (Doc ID 1628719.1)

  • ADsplice CLE product on EBS Application

As an application User you need to source the run top using EBSapps.env present in your Base directory.

. ./EBSapps.env - R


a. Download Patch 13725897 from My Oracle Support to your patch top.

b. Manually copy the three .txt files from the 13725897\cle\admin directory to your own temporary directory.

Note: Please do not apply driver file (u13725897.drv) from the patch.

c. Open newprods.txt in a text editor.

Modify any other values as appropriate.

In this example case, the modified version of this file will look like the following:



base_product_top= *APPL_TOP*



main_tspace= APPS_TS_TX_DATA



default_tspace= APPS_TS_TX_DATA

Copy the following text files to the $APPL_TOP/admin directory





Change directory to the admin directory under $APPL_TOP

Run adsplice



adsplice must be run from the admin directory under APPL_TOP, and is invoked by running the adsplice command.


Note: In Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2, AD Splice performs the following steps:

Makes the new user edition-enabled.

Enables Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) for the custom objects.

When prompted for the following you can press enter to accept the default location

Enter the directory where your AD Splicer control file is located.

The default directory is [/oracle/VIS/apps/apps_st/appl/admin] :

When prompted for the following, you can press Enter to accept the default filename

Please enter the name of your AD Splicer control file [newprods.txt] :

When prompted for the following you can press Enter to accept the default value which will regenerate the environment file

Do you wish to regenerate your environment file [Yes] ?

AutoConfig will be automatically run as part of this procedure.

k. Review the adsplice log file to ensure the procedure completed successfully.

l. Review the AutoConfig log file to ensure it completed successfully.




  • Propagate Changes to Other File System

Run fs_clone to synchronize the two file systems.

adop phase=fs_clone


  • Apply Mandatory patches

Apply mandatory patches after prepare in the below given order using

adop phase=prepare


Unzip the patches in the patch top and apply them in the given below order

a) Patch 13768679 (R12.CLE.C)

b) Latest Patch (R12.2 – CLE: SEED patch for Localization DFF/GDFF, Forms Personalization)

After patch application

Perform adop phase =finalize and adop phase=cutover

c) Turkey Add-on Localizations – Complete Set

Installation and Documentation listR12.2
Patch SetLink to Patch (19525045 )
User Guide-PDFUser Guide
Technical Reference ManualTechnical Reference Manual
Installation InstructionsIncluded in User Guide



Steps To Apply Patches

adop phase=prepare

Patch 13768679 (R12.CLE.C)

Latest Patch (R12.2 – CLE: SEED patch


adop phase=apply patches=13768679 workers=16

adop phase=apply patches=23738141 workers=16

adop phase =finalize

adop phase=cutover

adop phase=cleanup



After prerequisite patches are applied, go on to apply patches below

adop phase=apply patches=22447035

adop phase=apply patches=22447035_TR/:u22447035.drv workers=16

adop phase=apply patches=20267141

adop phase=apply patches=20267141_TR/:u20267141.drv workers=16

adop phase=apply patches=20749153

adop phase=apply patches=20749153_TR/:u20749153.drv workers=16

adop phase=apply patches=21153455

adop phase=apply patches=21153455_TR:u21153455.drv workers=16

adop phase=apply patches=18629683

adop phase=apply patches=18629683_TR:u18629683.drv workers=16

adop phase=apply patches=21125086

adop phase=apply patches=21125086_TR:u21125086.drv workers=16

adop phase=apply patches=20863040

adop phase=apply patches=20863040_TR:u20863040.drv workers=16

adop phase=apply patches=22297665

adop phase=apply patches=22297665_TR:u22297665.drv workers=16

adop phase=apply patches=22297689

adop phase=apply patches=22297689_TR:u22297689.drv workers=16

adop phase=apply patches=22297734

adop phase=apply patches=22297734_TR:u22297734.drv workers=16

adop phase=apply patches=22297764

adop phase=apply patches=22297764_TR:u22297764.drv workers=16

adop phase=apply patches=22090650

adop phase=apply patches=22090650_TR:u22090650.drv workers=16

Note : Some forms and menus was not Turkish so apply the below patch via normal adop cycle

adop phase=prepare

adop phase=apply patches=25310003_TR:u25310003.drv workers=16

adop phase=finalize,cutover,cleanup




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