Oracle 19c on Oracle Linux 8 – Preinstallation and Oracle 19c Installation

last tutorial we installed Oracle Linux 8. Today, we’ll try to install Oracle Database 19c on Oracle Linux 8.

This is preinstallation tutorial before Database, so let’s prepare Operating system for installation.



Oracle 19c on Oracle Linux 8


You should install necessary packages but no need to one by one installation. Just you need dowload preinstall packages.

Oracle 19c preinstall yum package is not available yet. So I have installed oracle-database-preinstall-18

First edit your hots file on /etc/hosts


add that ip address and host name on your hosts file,

vi /etc/hosts

click i or some key for writing (only root privileges can edit this file! ) and add ip adress and hostname.

Save and quit


Now, we can download a oracle-database-19c-preinstall package but it will not working ordinary terminal command such as yum install oracle-database-19c-preinstall. Because, Oracle Linux 8 repository doesn’t include some packages. Check the repository file under the /etc/yum.repos.d/oracle-linux-ol8.repo you could see Oracle linux 8 repos adress and go there.

As you see oracle-database-19c or 18c preinstall package not available yet. So, we have to download preinstall rpm file on Oracle Linux 7 repos.



Look at the green arrow i uploaded my virtual machine and ready for run.

rpm -ivh oracle-database-pre*-19*


Found error, might be some package are missing. First install that.  After that try again 19c preinstall package




Done ! Preinstallation packages succesfully installed. Let’s check groups.

cat /etc/groups

groups and user automatically created. Now we should create directories.

mkdir -p /oracle/app/oracle/product/

mkdir -p /setup

chown oracle:oinstall -R /oracle

chmod -R 755 /oracle

chown -R oracle:oinstall /setup

chmod -R 755 /setup


Edit .bash_profile file with oracle user,

vi .bash_profile

export ORACLE_BASE=/oracle/app/oracle
export ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/app/oracle/product/
export GRID_HOME=/oracle/app/grid


save and exit

Everything ready !

But first i have to explain something.

Before decide writing this article i want to install oracle database 19c with grid.  But after doing some research Oracle 8 kernel not supported GRID setup yet.

So, there is no way to install GRID.

Review the pictures below,


rpm -ivh oracleas-*




Yes, oracleasm installed but also GRID required kmod-oracleasm ,



As you can see there are too many errors. These errors cannot be resolved at this time


Oracle linux 8 kernel does not yet support GRID installation.

But we are ready to Oracle database installation.


See you in next article


Oracle 19c Install



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  1. You say “Found error, might be some package are missing. First install that. After that try again 19c preinstall package”

    But you did not show where to find these files or the package names. This is the main issue I’m having. It can’t find these missing packages.

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