OGG-00446 Checkpoint table GGSCHKPT does not exist

I got ” OGG-00446 Checkpoint table GGSCHKPT does not exist ” error in the Oracle Goldengate.


OGG-00446 Checkpoint table GGSCHKPT does not exist

Details of error are as follows.

Source Context :
SourceModule : [er.replicat.ReplicatContext]
SourceID : [er/replicat/ReplicatContext.cpp]
SourceMethod : [startDBCheckpointing]
SourceLine : [1503]
ThreadBacktrace : [12] elements
: [/ggateb01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/libgglog.so(CMessageContext::AddThreadContext())]
: [/ggateb01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/libgglog.so(CMessageFactory::CreateMessage(CSourceContext*, unsigned int, ...))]
: [/ggateb01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/libgglog.so(_MSG_String(CSourceContext*, int, char const*, CMessageFactory::MessageDisposition)
: [/ggateb01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat()]
: [/ggateb01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(ggs::gglib::ggapp::ReplicationContext::initializeDataSources(ggs::gglib::ggdatasource:
: [/ggateb01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat()]
: [/ggateb01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(ggs::gglib::MultiThreading::MainThread::ExecMain())]
: [/ggateb01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(ggs::gglib::MultiThreading::Thread::RunThread(ggs::gglib::MultiThreading::Thread::Thre
: [/ggateb01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(ggs::gglib::MultiThreading::MainThread::Run(int, char**))]
: [/ggateb01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat(main)]
: [/lib64/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main)]
: [/ggateb01/goldengate/product/GG19cFor18cDB/replicat()]

2021-09-28 14:46:57 ERROR OGG-00446 Checkpoint table GGS_ADMIN19C.GGSCHKPT does not exist. Create this table with the ADD CHECKPOINTTABLE command.

2021-09-28 14:46:57 ERROR OGG-01668 PROCESS ABENDING.





Replicat abends with ERROR   OGG-00446  Checkpoint tabletable name” does not exist.  Please create the table or recreate the “replicat” group using the correct table.


The mgr process was started from a different Oracle instance then where the replicat was connected

Checkpoint table did not exist in that database




Verify the DB instance where the checkpoint table should exist, or not create it as follows.


ggsci>  add checkpointtable GGS_ADMIN19C.GGSCHKPT;



To create a new checkpoint table:

ggsci> dblogin userid "user id"  PASSWORD "password"

ggsci> add checkpointtable "checkpoint table name"

ggsci> info "replicat"  (Make a note of the trail file sequence number and RBA )

ggsci> delete "replicat"!

ggsci> add rep "replicat" , exttrail  "trail file"  extseqno ###, extrba ####, checkpointtable "checkpoint table name"  ( Use the extseqno and extrba from the INFO command)




If info replicat shows below information:

GGSCI> info repts2, showch

EPLICAT REPTS2 Initialized 2021-10-19 08:18 Status STOPPED

Description Process Trail file from VLDBPD2J

Checkpoint Lag 00:00:00 (updated 01:08:32 ago)

Log Read Checkpoint File ./dirdat/t2004888

First Record RBA 120750367




ggsci> add checkpointtable VLOGG.GGS_CHECKPOINT

ggsci> delete rep repts2 !

ggsci> add rep repts2, exttrail ./dirdat/t2 extseqno 004888, extrba 120750367, checkpointtable VLOGG.GGS_CHECKPOINT

ggsci> start rep repts2

ggsci> start rep "replicat"


To use checkpoint table on replicat DB instance:

Set ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME environment variables



Recycle manager process


ggsci>stop mgr

ggsci> start mgr

ggsci> start rep "replicat"



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