Oracle ODA VM Administration Scripts via OAKCLI Commands -1


I will explain ODA ( Oracle Database Appliance ) VM Administration via OAKCLI tool in this article.


If you want to Manage and maintain Oracle Database Appliance components as ODA Admin or Oracle DBA, you should use  Oracle Appliance Manager Command-Line Utility (OAKCLI), also known as the Oracle Appliance Kit Command Line Interface, or OAKCLI.


To learn Server details ( Serial number, Model,etc ) of Oracle Database Appliance

[root@DEVECIORA01 ~]# oakcli show server

        Power State              : On
        Open Problems            : 0
        Model                    : ODA X5-2
        Type                     : Rack Mount
        Part Number              : 34315"180+1+1
        Serial Number            : 1340ABF00A
        Primary OS               : Not Available
        ILOM Address             :
        ILOM MAC Address         : 10:20:E2:B1:69:AC
        Description              : Oracle Database Appliance X5-2 1340ABF00A
        Locator Light            : Off
        Actual Power Consumption : 371 watts
        Ambient Temperature      : 21.250 degree C
        Open Problems Report     : System is healthy

[root@DEVECIORA01 ~]#




To see all processors and cores, execute following query.


[root@DEVECIORA01 ~]# oakcli show processor


        CPU_0 Servic An integrated  060F     P0 (CPU 0) Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2699  2.300 GHz       18          18
        CPU_1 OK     -              060F     P1 (CPU 1) Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2699  2.300 GHz       18          18
[root@DEVECIORA01 ~]#




To see all Memory On ODA, execute following query.

[root@DEVECIORA01 ~]# oakcli show memory


        DIMM_0  OK     -              6A4G40DM0-CPB    11CA02543040DE9100 P0/D0    Samsung      32 GB       2133 MHz       0
        DIMM_11 OK     -              6A4G40DM0-CPB    11CA02543040DE9056 P0/D1    Samsung      32 GB       2133 MHz       0
        DIMM_12 OK     -              6A4G40DM0-CPB    11CA025423408DA6FA P1/D0    Samsung      32 GB       2133 MHz       0
        DIMM_15 OK     -              6A4G40DM0-CPB    11CA02543040DE7E6B P1/D3    Samsung      32 GB       2133 MHz       0
        DIMM_20 OK     -              6A4G40DM0-CPB    00CE02162132770F76 P1/D8    Samsung      32 GB       2133 MHz       0
        DIMM_23 OK     -              6A4G40DM0-CPB    11CA02543040DE9054 P1/D1    Samsung      32 GB       2133 MHz       0
        DIMM_3  OK     -              6A4G40DM0-CPB    11CA02543040DE90E4 P0/D3    Samsung      32 GB       2133 MHz       0
        DIMM_8  OK     -              6A4G40DM0-CPB    11CA02543040DE90FC P0/D8    Samsung      32 GB       2133 MHz       0
[root@DEVECIORA01 ~]#


To see all disk and their status on ODA, execute following query.

[root@DEVECIORA01 ~]# oakcli show disk
        NAME            PATH            TYPE            STATE           STATE_DETAILS

        e0_pd_00        /dev/sda        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_01        /dev/sdb        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_02        /dev/sdc        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_03        /dev/sdd        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_04        /dev/sde        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_05        /dev/sdf        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_06        /dev/sdg        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_07        /dev/sdh        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_08        /dev/sdi        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_09        /dev/sdj        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_10        /dev/sdk        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_11        /dev/sdl        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_12        /dev/sdm        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_13        /dev/sdn        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_14        /dev/sdo        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_15        /dev/sdp        HDD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_16        /dev/sdq        SSD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_17        /dev/sdr        SSD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_18        /dev/sds        SSD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_19        /dev/sdt        SSD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_20        /dev/sdu        SSD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_21        /dev/sdv        SSD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_22        /dev/sdw        SSD             ONLINE          Good
        e0_pd_23        /dev/sdx        SSD             ONLINE          Good
[root@TR0601ORA02 ~]#



To see vmtemplate on ODA VM, execute following command.

[root@DEVECIORA01 ~]# oakcli show vmtemplate

        NAME                                            MEMORY          VCPU            REPOSITORY

        LINUX_6U8_PVM                                   2048M              2            vm_temp
        LINUX_PVM_DRIVER                                8000M              4            vm_temp
        DEVECIAPP06                                     16384M             2            vm_data
        Win2012                                         16384M             2            vm_data

[root@DEVECIORA01 ~]#

You can use these vm templates to create new VM on ODA.


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