Moving contacts from Excel file to WhatsApp on your mobile device

Moving contacts from Excel file to WhatsApp on your mobile device

WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform developed for smartphones – Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry OS etc. If you want to send texts, images, and videos to your friends, you need to have their contacts stored on your mobile device. If you have contact information saved in Excel file and want your contacts to access in WhatsApp then go through this blog to get the solution.

Transferring Excel Contacts to WhatsApp

To transfer contacts from Excel to WhatsApp, there are two steps required –

  1. Steps to export Excel contacts into vCard format
  2. Import vCard files to WhatsApp

Steps to convert contacts from XLS file to VCF format

To move XLSX file contacts to VCF format, you have an automated solution named Softaken Excel to vCard Converter. There is no other direct solution that will perform the conversion. VCF format is used for contact storage everywhere and it is also supported in mobile devices. The software completely and quick export Excel XLSX files to VCF format.

With the software, let us know the steps of working –

  • Download the application on your Windows PC.

  • Add and Preview complete Excel contacts.
  • Map the contacts of Excel columns with vCard columns.

  • Set an output location to save the vCard files. This could be any location as per your decision.
  • Finally, hit the Export vCard Now

Steps to import vCard files to WhatsApp in Phone

After getting contacts into VCF format, users can easily import to their mobile phones.

  • Open your Phone contacts.
  • Select Import Contacts option to export the new contacts.

  • Choose a destination location where you need to save the imported file. Here, we are saving in the memory card.

  • Check the required VCF file from the list and click

  • You can see the status of the exporting file.

  • After processing, you will get VCF files. Check the files and click Ok.

Bottom Lines

With the above post, users can easily move contacts to their mobile devices from Excel and easily use these contacts to send messages, images, documents, videos etc. In various cases, the users find the need to access contacts to WhatsApp from Excel file. They can easily save their queries now once go through this useful post.

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