Quick Methods to Repair Corrupt Excel File Easily

Many times, users have come across corrupt Excel files that couldn’t easily retrieve information. These files can be extremely important for your business and give you a hard time collecting the same data again.

Here are the most prominent ways to repair the corrupt Excel files by yourself, using only free tools that already exist on your computer:

1. Office Tools Can Help You

The Excel Recovery Tool is available to all Windows 10 and previous versions. It can fix any corrupt Excel file and give you back any kind of data that has been damaged or hard to access from your disc.

Since the Excel program runs special scans for these files, the tool can scan multiple files at once. After the initial application of this Excel scan, your corrupt files would appear the right way having all the information and data missing in previous versions.

You may easily access the Excel recovery tool simply by making a right-click on the file icon. Then press the “Open and Repair” function and click on the Repair button to make the program run.

2. Try Another Program to Open the Excel File

Sometimes Excel Repair tools would be unable to work and retrieve all your data. That is when you need to open these corrupt Excel files using the Wordpad or Office Word programs.

This action can give you access to all the information you have written in the cells. However, it wouldn’t work to provide you the formulas you have created to calculate sums in your Excel cells.

Sometimes Wordpad can also restore the VBA procedures that can depict on the screen the equations and formulas you have entered to the calculation tab.

Another way would be to convert your corrupt Excel Files into corrupt.xls files through the Word program. Then you simply need to install the Microsoft Office Excel Converter to ensure that all information would be extracted from the Word files to the actual Excel files you need.

3. Extract the Data Using Macros

You need to open the Excel program but not the exact corrupt files. Then you simply click on the Manual Calculation. The next step would be to open the Tools menu and select Macros.

There you need to find the Security option and check the High. Finally, you are ready to open the corrupt Excel file, and on the screen, you may see all the data with the warning that Macros have been disabled.

You can import the modules you want to the corrupt Excel files and turn them into normal Excel files. It wouldn’t be a good strategy to rename the corrupt Excel files. Just give them the same name and retrieve all the useful information and modules by disabling the macros.

4. Use the Internal Excel Repair Tool

There is an additional Office Repair Tool that can help you fix your corrupted Excel files. This application can run through your Office program and repair all XLSX files.

You need to select All Programs from the main menu. Then go to the Microsoft Office Tools and choose the Microsoft Office Application Recovery. A dialogue box appears and asks you to select the correct program. You should check the Excel Program that is already running.

Then you have to click on the Recover button and wait for several minutes as the system tries to retrieve the Corrupt Excel Files. In the end, you should also click on the Send Report to Microsoft Prompt, and the system is going to automatically shut off all existing and open Excel Files, showing the list of the restored Excel Workbooks.

That is when you need to check your corrupted Excel files to see if all their data have been retrieved so far. It is a method that works for 90% of Excel users who have to deal with corrupt files.

5. Change Folders or Drives

On many occasions, an Excel file can seem like it’s corrupt, but it is just written in a disc domain that has become inaccessible in reality. That situation happens in computers that have not been under the DEFRAG function for many months.

If you try to repair the corrupt Excel file on the same folder, you should simply quit trying. A brilliant solution would be to move the corrupt Excel file that wouldn’t open to a different folder, disc, or drive.

The next move would be to find your corrupt Excel file in the new location and try to open it there. That trick works on many occasions and saves you time and money.

6. Convert the Corrupt File to an SYLK

When everything else has changed, the final solution would be to convert your corrupt Excel file into SYLK, a symbolic link format. It’s a solution that Microsoft suggests all users try before they do anything else.

Your printer can often interact with your excel files and corrupt them in a way you will never know. The simple moves you need to do are going to the File menu and selecting the Save As prompt. Then select the SYLK and click on the Save As Type Control.

You need to provide the active name sheet on the command line. SYLK can only save an active Excel file sheet and fix it when it’s corrupted for any reason.

Users can open all corrupt sheets and save them using the SYLK method. After you have saved all the sheets, you can unify them in one Excel file renaming the SYLK files to an XLS format.

Final Words

Taking back your valuable information from corrupt Excel files could be a challenging task.

Using Stellar Repair for Excel, you can have an easy way to retrieve your information and fix your files without any hassle.

Every corrupt Excel file can easily turn into a normally accessible file today. You just need to have access to the right Excel file repair tools and keep calm! After all, technology has the way to safeguard your business these days.

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