Linux Lessons – 4 Users & Groups

Hello, We continue to post Users & Groups.   In the previous article, we have made a start on this topic, now we will examine this issue a little more.

Changing User and Group:

In the previous lesson we understood what users and groups mean, and now we will try to make changes to them.

A file, directory, and so on. We said that the user who created it becomes its owner.

However, we may need to change the owner or group later (when installing an application, it may require an application-specific user and group).

So let’s move on to the example.

Our keyword chown

This command has more than one parameter, you can change only the owner, you can change both the group and the owner if you want only the group.


With a few examples we can understand more nicely.


chown root Music/



As we have seen, we have changed the user of the Music directory now let’s change the group and user at the same time.

chown root:root Documents/



We changed both the user and group of the directory with a single command.

If we just wanted to change the group,

chown :root Music/

In our next post we will do file permission procedures, see you later

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