Kill All Processes Belonging to Any User in Linux


Sometimes you need to kill all processes of any user in linux.


Normally you can kill any process from its PID like following.


[root@MehmetSalih ~]# ps -ef | grep
root      4183     1  6 May02 ?        20:13:56 /bin/sh ./ 10 504 gzip /opt/oracle/oak/oswbb/archive
root     73811  4183 15 16:10 ?        00:00:00 /bin/sh ./ 10 504 gzip /opt/oracle/oak/oswbb/archive
root     73813 73811 13 16:10 ?        00:00:00 []
root     73816 92104  0 16:10 pts/1    00:00:00 grep
[root@MehmetSalih ~]#
[root@MehmetSalih ~]# kill -9 4183
-bash: kill: (4183) - No such process
[root@MehmetSalih ~]#




But sometimes you need killing all processes of any user , then you can use following code.

[root@MehmetSalih ~]#  kill -9 `ps -ef|grep oracle | awk '{print $2}'`


I have used Oracle user in this example, you can change username according to your need.


Dont’t forget that you will have killed ALL PROCESSES OF ANY USER, so Be careful before run it.


For example, You have stopped Oracle EBS with, but you have still EBS Process belong to applmgr, You can kill all processes of applmgr user like following.


[root@MehmetSalih ~]#  kill -9 `ps -ef|grep applmgr | awk '{print $2}'`

Or you can use following command.

[root@MehmetSalih ~]#  pkill -u applmgr

[root@MehmetSalih ~]#  pkill -u oracle


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  1. Careful – something like this is apt to select the wrong processes since you will match text from the whole line. Maybe you should have used formatting “ps -e -o user,pid” or use “pkill -u” which is already made for this.

  2. A construct such as ” kill -9 `ps -ef|grep oracle | awk ‘{print $2}’`” is totally not needed, just use “pkill -u oracle”. >_<

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