Introduction of DATA WAREHOUSE-What is DATA?

What is Data?

This word, which has a very high popularity, is actually called data, each letter number or date information entered in the computers we use as technology and the applications we use in them. Everything we encounter in daily life actually contains data. For example; Your tc, phone or title information that you share with a company is a valuable data set for that company.

After our perspective on daily life What is the purpose of computer science I move on him. In fact, the computation or manipulation purpose of the data word in computer environments represents a reality. There are types of these data. Data are encoded in computer environment as characters, numbers or dates. Every data must have a round. These are called data structures. The environments where this data is kept together with data structures are called databases. To a question if the databases are needed software called database management systems.

We can group the data termally. These;

– Big Data

– Open Data,

– Dynamic and Static Data,

– State Data,

– Paid and Free Data,

– Processed Data

So, where companies obtain the data. These are as follows;

– Self-service provider of application,

– Paid or Free Data portals,

Data flows into the live database every day in their own service provider applications. However, the data that he cannot obtain can be obtained from paid or free legal platforms. For example, Turkey is well situated to Turkish citizens are kept out MERNIS Database data of each person. The company can supply data from the mernis database.

The topics we have talked about so far are to have information about data. So, our main topic, the entry of the data warehouse, is how data is processed? We will try to answer this question in the rest of the article.

How Data Is Processed?

We said that data is collected in environments called Databases. Now we move on to how to take action on this collected data. The firm had collected data from its service provider application in its database, but how many subscribers did I have this year? He will not understand the answer to his question by looking directly at the database. Technically, with support from technology, when the number of subscribers this year says 1000, this information will be obtained by processing the data. In other words, it has processed the data and turned it into information.

In short, we can call the adventure of converting this data into information, Data Warehouse study. By processing the raw data from the application (filter, calculation, etc.), we get a data warehouse output.

In short, we will process our raw data by filtering the data or subjecting it to calculations.

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