What is the Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse is a repository that can be made of questioning and analysis of related data. The data warehouse has been created in order not to tire the database. A data warehouse is actually a database. The data warehouse is set up in order not to tire of live Database performance. A data warehouse performs the necessary procedures to analyze the relevant data easily, quickly, and accurately.

These are the systems that institutions have established because they cannot perform analysis studies in the live database. You cannot obtain such decision support data in the live database. Therefore, data warehouse design becomes very important. Institutions switch to this structure and try to obtain meaningful data by making queries to their own analysis database as they wish. This kind of analysis data is very important in decision support systems.

The architecture of the data warehouse design is W.H. Inmon. This architecture makes decision support systems very valuable today. Presenting the correct data is a gain for the company for managers to make better decisions.

For example, the field activities of an institution in the energy sector are quite intense. Detecting the illegal usage of a subscriber and sending the relevant officials to the correct address can take the right action with the data obtained from this data warehouse.

The correct data institution provides advantages in the following items.

-Saving time

– the right action

– Financial gain

– less performance

Data warehouse table structure is supplied from your existing live data. You create queries from the source tables you have imported into the data warehouse and try to obtain a data set. Visualization starts over this data set. For example, you can calculate the number of subscribers this year and the number of last year’s subscribers as a percentage and visualize to the manager that there was a 10% increase as a result.

I want you to examine it carefully in the image below.

In short, the tables in the Operational section are actually your source tables taken from the live database. The table in the data warehouse is a data set from the source tables. Finally, you can influence the decision mechanism of the manager by making visualization like the example I have given from this data set.


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