[FATAL] [INS-10101] The given response file response/grid_install.rsp is not found.

Hi friends, We may need to install Oralce database or grid without using an GUI. To do this, we need to edit the rsp file and start the installation from this file. However, we may not always be able to conclude the installation with zero error.

Today, i will show you INS-10101 error solution. The solution isn’t as complicated as it looks.

As you see, oracle can’t find rsp file. However location is correct! I mean that file is there.

So what’s wron?

Oracle does not accept the location of the rsp file that comes with its setup files as standard.

We need to copy different location(for example: /tmp) and edit for installation.

cp /setup/grid/response//grid_install.rsp /tmp
If you didn’t make a mistake while editing the file, everything will be successful.
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