ODS (Operational Data Store)

ODS (Operational Data Store) is the database where all the source tables you need are stored in the live database. It is often used for data warehouse. ODS database has been considered by design, since no transaction (Data cleaning, noise, data, etc.) can be performed in transactional data.

You can perform the following main operations in the ODS database.

  • Data cleaning
  • Noise Data
  • Shorten Data
  • Changeable Data etc.

We can do transactions in the ODS database. In this way, it can be checked for compliance with business rules. We can also present the source data in different applications in the ODS database for major units such as business analysts, big data, and data analysis. It is known that such units generally have difficulties in accessing the source database, especially more than one source database. At this point, the Data Warehouse Specialist will present the source data collected from these applications to the ODS database.

The ODS database is also where it is maintained before being transferred to the data warehouse for long-term storage or archiving. Before transferring to the data warehouse, we move to the ODS database, and after the necessary operations are completed, they are transferred to the data warehouse. This can happen both ways.

  • Shema
  • Database


ODS can actually be Database. In addition, ODS schema can be created and maintained in the Data Warehouse. In the current design system, ODS can appear as a database. But in real life, it can be kept in the Data warehouse as a schema.

The ODS database should be a database that can be updated daily from the source. This updated data cannot be returned to the source. However, it will be transferred to the Data warehouse for reporting operations.

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