ASM Command-Line Utility (ASMCMD)

ASM Command-Line Utility (ASMCMD):

-ASMCMD is a command-line utility

-ASMCMD provides commands for managing Oracle ASM

-You can manage the following things by ASMCMD -:

  • Oracle ASM instances
  • Disk groups
  • File access control for disk groups
  • Files
  • Directories within disk groups
  • Templates for disk groups
  • Volumes

Types of ASMCMD Commands:


1.ASM instance management
2.ASM member cluster
3.ASM Filter Driver management
4.ASM file management
5.ASM disk group management
6.ASM file group management
7.ASM template management
8.ASM file access control
9.ADVM volume


ASMCMD Update & Changes in Oracle Database 19c:

  • The password option with the ASMCMD pwcreate command is now optional.
  • New options have been added to force a delete of the old password file and create a new password file (-f)
  • To specify the format of the password file (-format).
  • The new ASMCMD setsparseparent command sets the parent for a sparse child file.
  • The new ASMCMD mvfile command moves a file to the specified file group in the same disk group where the file is stored.



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