Android Programming -1 Introduction

Hi everyboday today I will start Android programming lesson.

First of all I want to inform about the Android studio.

When I want to create a mobile application, we need to do two different coding. The first is xml and the second is Java coding . Screen designs are made with XML. What happens on the screen is where the design issues such as whether the button is under the text or on the far right of the screen are decided and coded.

Functionality is added to pages designed with Java coding. For example, when we click on the button that we decided to place at the bottom of the page, we want to move to the other page.

Now let’s look at the folder directories in android studio;

  • The Manifest file contains the name of the application, the icon, the permissions required for the application to run, and the style files used on the screens.
  • Under the Java folder, there are classes where we write java codes.
  • Under the Res folder are important subfolders. These are as follows;
  1. The drawable file contains all the image files that we use in the application.
  2. There are xml pages under the layout folder.
  3. Under the menu file, there are menu xml codes that can be used in the application.
  4. under raw file, video, audio files, such as your files are located.
  • Under the values ​​file there are 3 different folders called strings, color and style.
  • Under the Color file is the folder that contains all the color codes we use in the application. 3 colors are defined by default. We can to define our own colors to change them here.
  • In the String folder, we need to define all text within the application.
  • The Style folder is the folder where the styles of the application are specified.


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