IT Tutorial Rules

IT Tutorial Author and Article Rules



I would like to desire our new Friends, who started writing as authors, Please follow the rules below.

After clicking the link in the author’s invitation in the mail and reset your password, after that you can go to your own author page with the link below. 


New Authors should firstly write their Biographies and upload Profile pictures in the Users-> Your Profile link as below. This will show your Biographic information and images in the signature information under the Article you wrote.


When you start writing articles, you can access Post from the Posts -> Add New tab in the upper left corner.

Important Note: Please do not copy and paste from other sites because Google is punishing the site directly. So every article we write should be the original content.


Firstly you should type the Article Title that is compatible with the article content like Box1 in the following picture below. They should not be all upper characters.

If you are going to add an image to the article, you can add a picture from Add Media like in box 2 and add it to the article.

If you are writing sentenc in the normal font you must have Paragraph type, if you are adding Code Block You should choose Preformatted like as shown in the Box 3 . This is a very important part because When text and code snippets are shown same type, readability of article will be bad.



You have written your article and it is finished,  you have to choose which category you have written as in box 4. Thus, it will be easier to access your articles.

Box 5 is one of the most important parts of your article. You should especially enter these tags properly so that Google Bing Yahoo search will show your article at the top. There should be at least 10 of the tags, because each keyword has more than one use and variations.



You can see my example article’s tag in the following picture.

I use the tags I’ve used in the sample can get.

Once you have completed the tags and categorization, you can put a picture like a logo in the box number 6 according to your article. This will especially appear when you share the post in linkedin and twitter, and will attract more attention.


If you have previously prepared Word document for Article,  you can import directly like in box 7.


The sample content of your article may be as follows.



Finally, you can click Publish button. After that, you should share this article from your social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and increase your readability.