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Oracle Linux 7.6 Step by Step Installation on VirtualBox -1

I will explain Oracle Linux 7.6 step by step installation on Virtual Box in this post. Let’s review the Oracle Linux 7.6 installation on Virtual Box.



Oracle Linux 7.6 installation on Virtual Box

If you don’t install VirtualBox, you can read following article to install Oracle VirtualBox. I will install Oracle linux 7.6 on this VirtualBox 6.0.


VirtualBox 6 Installation On Windows



Oracle Linux 7.6 Install Step by Step

Download ISO files from Oracle support and mount it Virtualbox then Start Virtualbox. Oracle linux 7.6 installation will start like following.

Choose language of Operating system like following.

Choose keyboard settings.




Specify timezone for Operating system like following.

Specify Installation source like following.


Choose Software Selection in this step. I have selected Server with GUI and Add-Ons for selected Environment.


Specify Installation destination and disk configuration. You can do automaticaly configure disk partitioning, or you can do it manually like me as follow.


You can specify /boot / root and swap disk sizes like following.


I will continue to explain Oracle Linux 7.6 installation in the next post.




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