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GNU/Linux Administration Tutorial For Beginners


I will share with you Step by Step Linux Administration Tutorial For Beginners.


If you don’t know Linux and want to learn, you are at the right adress.

You can learn Linux step by step with following steps. I have started  Linux Tutorials from beginning, so read each article in order.


This Tutorial post is Guide for Junior Linux Admin and includes Article links sequential will be updated with new articles.
I have shared last post of each tutorial series not to be complex, so you can find previous articles of each tutorial series from last post.



Lesson 1- What is the Linux & Linux History, Linux Distributions ? 

You can learn What is the Linux & Linux history and distributions.

What is the Linux & Linux History and Top Linux Distributions



Lesson 2- VirtualBox Installation & Configuration & Disk Operations

VirtualBox 6 Installation On Windows

How to Create and Configure a Virtual Machine VM on Oracle Virtualbox

How to Add Hard disk in VirtualBox and Disk format and Mount Steps on Linux

Oracle Linux disk format and mount Steps




Lesson 3- Linux Installation & Configuration

Read following Articles related with Linux Installation to learn architecture of Linux.

Oracle Linux 7.6 Step by Step Installation on VirtualBox -2

Oracle Linux 8 Installation



Lesson 4- Linux Command Tutorial & Linux Commands

You can find Linux Command Tutorial with following links.

GNU/Linux Bash Commands Tutorial for Beginners -6 Network Commands


GNU/Linux Bash Commands Tutorial for Beginners -5 Search and Find Files and Pattern Commands



Lesson 5– Linux Users & Groups

You can learn what is Linux Users & Groups with following links.

GNU/Linux Bash Commands Lessons – 4 Users & Groups



Lesson 6– Linux Package Management

Learn how to install and configure package on Linux..

GNU/Linux Bash Command Lessons – 6 – Package Management


Lesson 7–  Linux Sudoers

Learn what is sudoers file and what does it do.

Linux Tutorial – Sudoers


Lesson 8– Linux Disk Partition & Extend & Mount & Linux Disk Speed Test

Learn Disk Partition & Extend & Mount & Linux Disk Speed Test

How to Create or Add Swap Partition in Linux

How To Extend LVM ( Logical Volume Manager) Disks on the Fly ( Online )

How to Mount Disk Image (*.img) File on Linux

Linux Disk Speed Test


Lesson 9– Routine Linux Scripts & Operations

Learn what are the Routine Linux Scripts & Operations

Oracle Linux Add route & Delete route Default Gateway

Linux NTP Server Setting

How to Find Out Top Directories and Files (Disk Space) in Linux

Linux Unix Batch Delete Files

Kill All Processes Belonging to Any User in Linux


Lesson 10– Linux Performance monitoring 

Learn how to monitor Linux Performance.


Lesson 11– Linux File Transfer & Synchronization

Learn how to transfer Linux file.

What is Rsync ( Remote Sync ) in Linux



Lesson 12– Linux Error Solution

Learn how to solve Linux .

Unexpected Inconsistency Run Fsck Manually EXT4-fs error count since last fsck:1 give root password for maintenance in Oracle ODA VM



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