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SQL Server Log Shipping & Disaster Recovery Install and Configuration -4


In this article, I will continue to explain you about Log Shipping technology in SQL Server.



Read previous article before this.


Now perform the necessary configurations for the Secondary Database below.





Perform the necessary configurations for the Secondary Database as follows. Now create the Copy and Restore Job that will copy and transfer the Transaction Log Backups from the Primary Server to the Secondary Server and Restore it to the Standby database.





Create the copy job with Schedule 3 minutes and specify the deletion of the old files older than 15 minutes.

On the Secondary Server, I have specified the path to copy these files as follows.




The Restore Job is specified in Schedule as follows.


In the following step, we determine the mode of our Secondary database. I have set my mode mode to Standby mode. Thus, the Secondary database will be in Read-only mode at intervals that the Restore job is not running and will be available for reporting.



Click on the OK button after entering the required Schedule and Paths for both Copy and Restore jobs.




the Log Shipping Configuration has been completed successfully . Since the installation is completed successfully, Backup and Restore job will be created in the Primary database and in the Secondary Database. We can see these jobs as follows.





SQL Server log shipping installation is completed.


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