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Convert Zimbra TGZ To PST with Softaken Zimbra Converter

The Zimbra TGZ to PST converter software is an excellent tool when it comes to converting the TGZ file to PST file format in order to access Zimbra file data in Outlook environment. This utility has many functionalities in addition to being efficient and quick. It converts complete email data present in the TGZ file to PST file format without any data loss. The organizations who are switching from Zimbra suit to Outlook, Exchange server or Office 365 can use this tool to convert email data to different file formats.

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Key Features Of Zimbra TGZ To PST Converter Tool

Various Reasons Why To Switch From Zimbra To Outlook

The reason why people switch from Zimbra suit to Outlook are many but some of the common reasons why people need Zimbra to PST converter tool are very few.

Convert Zimbra TGZ File To PST Format Manually

It is possible to convert Zimbra file to PST format manually. For step by step guide to convert TGZ file to PST format you can check online tutorials. However, when it comes to bulk migration of TGZ file to PST format, it is always convenient to use professional software. This is because, the professional tool not only save time but also convert entire file data to new file format without any loss. Zimbra TGZ to PST converter software is also a kind of tool that ensure complete Migration of data without any loss. It also converts Zimbra briefcase, task, address book and other folders to PST format.

Features Of Zimbra Outlook Converter In Detail

Convert TGZ File To PST –  There are many software present that claim to convert Zimbra file data to PST format, but the Zimbra Outlook converter is different in many terms. It not only convert the entire TGZ file email data to PST format but also  help users in saving the PST file in healthy conditions. The software saves PST in UNICODE format in order to avoid corruption in PST because of oversized issue. It also breaks PST in small size when there is a big TGZ file to convert.

Export TGZ Data To Exchange Server – It is possible to export TGZ file data to exchange server with the help of Zimbra TGZ to PST converter tool. The software export .tgz file data to Exchange Server with different setting option. To export data on Exchange Server all that the user requires is the login details of Exchange Server on which the data has to be migrated.

Export Data To Google Apps –  The software also allows users to export Zimbra file data to Google app. For this, user first need to convert files into PST format and then export data to Google apps. The primary requirement for this migration is the password of Google account on which file has to be migrated.

Migrate Data To Office 365 –  It is possible to access Zimbra email file in office 365 with the help of Zimbra TGZ to PST converter tool. The software allows users to access TGZ file data in the office 365 environment.

No Data Loss Is Ascertain – When Zimbra TGZ to PST converter software is used to migrate Zimbra file data to Outlook PST file format this software make sure that there remains no data loss during the migration process. The whole data of the TGZ email file, including, attachment, meta details, images, folders, etc. get migrated to the new file format.

Check the features of TGZ to PST converter software, user can download the demo version of this tool. The demo version allows users to convert TGZ file to PST format but it would not let the user to save the entire file.

For checking the features and efficiency of software, users can purchase a product license and use it to convert any number of files.

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