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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO includes several techniques and strategies that you can use to increase website traffic. Search Engine Optimization SEO is the abbreviation of the English initials of the words. SEO in the Google search engine improvements you make to your site and Google ‘s attempt to make a series of demands in accordance with the structure of the meat can say is the name given to the operation. In order for Google to find and move your website to the top, you need to adapt it to the rule sets that it has set.

Why Do It Need SEO?

Today, social media is moving to a competitive market with the development of social media actually took place. That there is a need to set a number of rules in the search engines along with the move to competitive markets to the virtual environment. The main purpose of SEO is to make a series of rankings in this competitive market and carry the most appropriate social media platform to the top. Many corporate competitive companies have given great importance to this issue. In order to continue the competition in this market, companies have started to employ personnel under the title of SEO Expert.

SEO General Structure

Google bots periodically check and archive some headlines to top a website or to increase its popularity. With these bots automatically finding the web page and measuring its suitability, it takes the website to the top. It looks at the main features of the website.


Generally, we talked about the general definition, working strategy and general architecture of SEO under the heading of SEO. In the next chapters, we will cover deeper topics.

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