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EBS 12.1 Function not available to this responsibility


Just now I was working on one issue and wanted to share solution ; First of all this is very common error if you have custom top on your EBS environment and misconfiguration  ( I dont know who did it, It was before me 🙂 )


This is generally happen after clone on your test/dev/uat environment 🙂


There are some environment configurations you have to check and modify it ;

Before start to do something please also check this ;

Function not Available to this Responsibility (Doc ID 1079951.1)

1) Login to applications and try to open the custom Form.

2) Navigate to Help –> Diagnostics –> Examine. Click the “Examine Fields and variable values”

3) Populate the field with the next values:

FIELD –> (For example XXCUS1_TOP)

4) Push tab key and check that the variable is defined and that the VALUE is correct.


If you have error  here go on with solution below ;


Modify Environment files “$APPL_TOP/APPS<ORACLE_SID>_<hostname>.env” 

For Example   : $APPL_TOP/APPSTEST_ittutorial.env” 



# Source the custom file if it exists
if [ -f $customfile ]; then
. /test/apps/apps_st/appl/customTEST_ittutorial.env
. /test/inst/apps/<ORACLE_SID>_<hostname>/ora/10.1.2/customTEST_ittutorial.env
. /test/apps/apps_st/appl/customTEST_ittutorial.env



Add custom top into default.env file “$INST_TOP/ora/10.1.2/forms/server/default.env”





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