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Oracle VM Server ( OVS ) Architecture and Step by Step OVS Installation -1


I will explain Oracle VM Server ( OVS ) Architecture and Step by Step OVS Installation in this article.

Virtualization technology has been available in our lives for the last 10-15 years, before that, we were working on physical servers. In recent years, we have used virtual server even with the laptops via Virtualization technology.

You can install free virtualization software such as Oracle Virtualbox on your laptop, if your resource is available on Laptop, then you can create more than one Virtual server. There are no limits to this as Virtual servers and operating system can be Linux, Windows, Unix etc.

The main purpose of virtualization is to run lots of virtual servers on Strong Physical Servers and minimize IT costs. In general, the most used Enterprise Virtualization software is as follows.


In this article, I will explain Oracle VM Server, which is the most accurate and least costly license for Oracle database.


Oracle VM Server is the virtualization software that you run on Oracle Database with minimum cost.



Oracle does not support all Virtualization technologies in terms of License, Sometimes Oracle request as many licenses as the number of All Cores running on the physical Server you are running on the Oracle Database.

I strongly recommend Oracle VM Server especially for organizations using Oracle Database. The advantage of paying only what you use as a license is very advantageous for them.



Requirements for installation and monitoring Oracle VM Server (OVS) are as follows.

  1. Physical machine for Oracle VM Server
  2. CD-ROM or External CD- ROM for installation ISO
  3. Oracle Virtual Server (OVS) setup CD
  4. Operating system ISO CD ( Windows,Linux etc. )
  5. Oracle VM Manager installation for monitoring OVS



Network Requirements

  1. DNS
  2. OVS IP
  3. Gateway IP
  4. Netmask
  5. OVM IP
  6. IP for Virtual machines on OVS
  7. Ethernet cable,
  8. OVS Repository Disk
  9. Disk or storage for Virtual machines on OVS


Now let’s go to start installation of Oracle VM Server.

The latest version of Oracle VM Server 3.4.5 is downloaded from  Edelivery and written to CD as bootable and plug into Physical server. After plugging into the physical server, the boot menu is accessed while the server is restarting and the following steps are performed.



Click Skip



Choose keyboard Selection


All data will be erased on Disk, Click Yes.




Choose Boot loader disk and Click OK button.



I will continue to explain in the next article.




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