Oracle Password File

Hello everyone, in this tutorial we gonna examine Oracle Database Password File. The password file is an optional file.
It’s use has some advantages.

The most authoritative user of the database was the SYS user, and we were connecting to this database as SYSDBA.

We may also want to connect as SYSDBA or SYSOPER with our non-sys users.

We may still want to connect to the database from remote computers as SYSDBA or SYSOPER.

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In this case the password file is needed.

By default, the password file is created as an orapw <ORACLE_SID> file under $ ORACLE_HOME / dbs on linux servers when we create our database with DBCA.

If we want “orapwd” tool can create with us.

orapwd file=orapw<ORACLE_SID> password=<sys password>

In order to use our password file, we need to set the value of “REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE” parameter to “exclusive” in our spfile or pfile parameter file.

This parameter has three values;

Exclusive: It can be connected to a single machine database. Users other than SYS can also be found in the password file.

Shared: Multiple databases can use a password file. Only the SYS user can be found in the password file.

None: Oracle ignore password file. When this parameter is “exclusive”, we can allow sysdba to save the file to the user

SQL>grant sysdba to deniz

We can now connect to our database from a remote computer with sysdba authority

sqlplus deniz/deniz@ as sysdba


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