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Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer installation and integration with Oracle EBS 12.2.6 -2


I will continue to tell Oracle Discoverer installation and integration with Oracle EBS 12.2.6 in this post. You should read first article before this article.



I have installed Repository Creation utility in the first article. Now i will install Oracle Discoverer version, once this version is completed we will upgrade it to version.

Before Oracle Discoverer installation you need to install weblogic 11g server. You can read following article to install weblogic server 11g.



If weblogic server 11g installed successfully then go to install Oracle discoverer 11g. Execute runInstaller like following.


Choose second option and Install only software.



You can see following errors, solve operating system errors and click continue button.


Specify Oracle Middleware home like following.


Uncheck my Oracle support updates.


Click Install button.








Oracle Discoverer version is installed now we will upgrade to in next article

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