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Monitor Databases and Instances via Activity Monitor | SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting -2


I will continue to explain how to Troubleshoot Performance problems of SQL Server in this Article Series.

SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting


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Monitor Database and Instances via Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor is an internal tool that provides information about databases running on SQL Server Instance such as instant CPU, Process and Resource Wait, and Expensive Queries and how these processes affect SQL Server instance.



You can change the refresh interval of the Activity monitor tool that shows the active running activities if you want to refresh the information periodically.



You can monitor Processes like following. Which process is TOP and and their Wait type, Wait resource in detail with this section.


You can monitor Resource waits like following. You can see what is the TOP Wait event with this section.




You can monitor Data file I/O like following. You can learn Disk and Datafile Response Time with this section.


You can monitor and see Recent Expensive Queries like following. These Queries are TOP SQL, and you should examine them. If they are running Slow, you should Tune them.


I will continue to explain SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting in the next article.





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