IIS Enabling and configuration on Web Server

Hey SQL Enthusiastic, this is for SQL Users and technology Enthusiastic today I am sharing the Experience where we have installed and Configured the IIS Feature on Web Server:

Step 1 − To Install IIS role, go to “Server Manager” → then Manage → and then to Add Roles and Features.

 Step 2 − Click on Next in the window which pops up.

Step 3 − Select the Role-based or feature-based installation option and then click on Next.

Step 4 − I will install a Local IIS role as it will Select a server from the server pool → then click on Next.

Step 5 − From the Roles lists, check the “Web server” (IIS) Server role → Next.

Step 6 − Click Next.

Step 7 − Click Next.

Step 8 − You can choose all the default setting or customise them according to you needs.

Step 9 − Click Install.

Step 10 − Wait until the Installation Wizard finishes. Once it is done click Close.

Step 11 − Check if your IIS is installed correctly. This can be done by opening your internet explorer and then typing http://localhost and you should be able to see the following screenshot.

Enjoy! Happy Learning           Reach me on [email protected]

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I’m a Database technologist with 8 Years of hand-on experience in MS SQL Server and MySQL. B. Tech in Computer Science with Microsoft Certified Professional, ITIL Certified and Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator. Specializing in Database Installation and Configuration, Designing & Implementing High Availability Solutions, Performance Tuning, SAN Storage, Backup Solution-Tape Library, Designing & Implementing Virtualization (Windows Hyper-V, VMware), Internet Information Services.

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